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2012 Ledgestone Insurance Series
« on: April 30, 2012, 07:02:38 PM »
Ledgestone Insurance is proud to announce the 2012 Ledgestone Insurance Series. With major sponsors Erie Insurance, Paragon, Plastic Addicts, Washington Community Bank, Goodfellas and Ledgestone Insurance we are excited to announce that the September Super Tour should be the largest tournament in the history of the state in terms of added cash. We will be adding more than $10,000 cash to the Pro Division and the AM player pack will be worth over $90 per player and will be 100% donated and no money will come out of the entry fee to pay for the players packs!

The full schedule is as follows:

1. Galesburg – March 10th - “Random Draw Dubs Fundraiser” – Nate Heinold TD
2. Pontiac – April 7th - “Swinging Bridge Open” C Tier – Dana Vicich TD
3. Pekin – April 14th - “McNaughton Triples Fundraiser” – Nate Heinold TD
4. Springfield AM Only Super Tour – April 28th – “Illinois 72 AMS” – Miles/Noah TD
5. Morton New Design Dubs – May 5th – Ten Year Tourney – Nate Heinold TD
6. Rockford (Anna Page) – May 12th – “Plastic Addicts Classic” C Tier – Scott Franke TD
7. Bloomington (Maxwell) – May 19th - "Paragon Open" C Tier – Miles Parkhill TD
8. Washington Cherry Festival – June 2nd – Unsanctioned – Greg Nettles TD
9. Morton - June 9th - "Illinois Amateur Championships" Am Only B Tier – Wilbur Wallis TD
10. Baker Park, Kewanee – June 30th "Title to be decided" C Tier - Wes Jacobson TD
11. McNasty Triples - July 7th Unsanctioned - Johnnie Harrison TD
12. Eureka – August 4th - "Plastic Addicts Safari" C Tier - Greg Nettles TD
13. Ledgestone Insurance Frenzy B Tier – August 11th – 4 Courses in 1 Day – Nate Heinold TD
14. Canton Doubles Tournament - August 19th - Johnnie Harrison TD
15. Washington - August 25th - "Washington Community Bank Classic" C Tier - Jarrod Nettles TD
16. Manito Glo Popcorn Festival - August 31st - Friday Night Tournament - 12 Hole Design (three rounds of 12 holes, including two glo rounds) - Johnnie Harrison/Nate Heinold TD
17. Bradley– September 8th - "Erie Insurance Open" C Tier – Doug Payne TD
18. Ledgestone Insurance Championships Super Tour – September 14/15th - Johnnie Harrison/Nate Heinold CO-TD's (This Super Tour will utilize Morton/McNaughton for rounds 1 and 2 and split rounds for different divisions for round 3)

The doubles and triples tournaments will not count towards the series in terms of the points structure. Unsanctioned events, including the Cherry Fest and the Glo Popcorn Festival Tournament will count towards the series. Here is the points structure:

Points System for the Series
C-Tier – 5 points for everyone you beat and 5 points for showing up (first place gets an additional 10 points, while second place gets an additional 5 points)
A/B-Tier – 10 points for everyone you beat and 10 points for showing up (first place gets an additional 15 points, while second place gets an additional 10 points)

Prizes for the Series
Men’s Pro – Top Pro is guaranteed $450 cash for winning the series (second place will get $200 cash)
Men’s Advanced – Top Advanced player is guaranteed at least $300 in merchandise money
Men’s Intermediate – Top Intermediate player is guaranteed at least $150 in merchandise money
NOTE: These are the only guaranteed divisions to get a prize – the payout for other divisions and the series structure will be determined based on the number of players in each division

The points system is simple - you get points in the division you play in and you can't move those points around. If you want to play Masters one tournament and Advanced another tournament, those points will count in the Masters and Advanced divisions respectively.

We will have more information on the Facebook page of Plastic Addicts and will have information sent out via email as well. In addition, information will be posted on http://www.illinoisdiscolf.com

We are still looking for a few large sponsors so if you know of anyone that is interested please let me know by emailing me at nate@ledgestonegrp.com