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J-Town Disc Golf: 2017 DISContinuum Club Challenge

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2017 DISContinuum Club Challenge
« on: January 16, 2017, 05:26:27 PM »
Where: Lemon Lake County Park, Crown Point, IN
When: 4/8/17
Check-in will be 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM.  Tee-off will be right around 9:45 AM (Subject to change)
Cost: Free (J-Town Disc Golf Club will cover any fees for J-Town players)
Who: Clubs will include Basket Cases, DISContinuum, Fox Valley, J-Town, and Union. (Subject to additions)

It's time to defend our title from last year! If you are interested in playing for team J Town, please post your PDGA # and rating on this post. I would like to have our team roster ready by the end of March at the latest. The highest rated players for each pool will be selected. However, there will be captain picks for each pool. The board members need to discuss this part. Please read all of the info below. You must be a current 2017 J Town club member. We will have memberships to sell that day, but please try to become a member before the day of the event. We ran out of tags last year. Also, please check your schedules to make sure you can play. Every year several players state that they are coming, and then back out a week or two before. A full team is needed to be successful at this challenge, and scrambling to fill spots is a headache I'd rather not deal with.....again.
Let's do it again, J Town!
Sweaty Hugs!

J-Town Disc Golf Club is looking for club members to commit to this event.  Format will be 2 rounds of singles.  Members will be divided into 4 division (A:950+, B:925-949, C:890-924, and D:<890).  Best 5 finishing positions for each division per round will count towards the club total.  Lowest club total wins.

Field limited to 10 members for each division from each club.  J-Town will decide our roster based on the following: 8 spots will go to the highest rated sign-ups, the other 2 spots in each division will be Captain's choice.  Dave Kociuba will be the Captain for J-Town Disc Golf Club this year.

Please reply to this post (PDGA #, Name, and Rating) if you want to represent the J-Town Disc Golf Club.  I will periodically update this post with our roster.  You will need to be a club member to play (we will have memberships available at the event).

A 950+
PDGA     Name     Rating     
49631     Izak McDonald     999     
34882     Nick Austin     978     
31323     Jimmy Mac McDonald     974     
35165     Lester Buddy Lee Sloan     972     
26608     David Kociuba     964     
26199     Eric Bassett     963     
54018     Anthony Rodriguez     959     
11924     Bart Zandstra     954     
     Current _Cut- 2 Picks Remaining     953     
40673     Eric Ford     953     
25183     Ray Hill     952     
37511     Kevin Macuiba     950     

B 925-949
PDGA     Name     Rating     
60925     Steve Rachan     945     
75406     Kory Seddon     940     
55134     Johnathan Boyd     939     
17192     John Dale     937     
46532     Adam Brkovic     934     
61408     Roger Tranowski     930     
50388     James LoPresti     928     
     Current _Cut- 3 Picks Remaining     0     

C 890-924
PDGA     Name     Rating     
19897     Jon Klein     922     
54050     David Garb     918     
46519     Mike Stahulak     918     
60403     Richard Walsh     918     
37270     Mike Zivanovic     918     
34478     Brandon Rosch     917     
23205     Scott Dietz     914     
58856     Shawn Story     913     
     Current _Cut- 2 Picks Remaining     912     
66580     David Hopkins     911     
71542     Brian Espinoza     909     
66149     Stephen Vinyard     904     
39740     Thor Batchelor     902     
45428     Larry Pennuto     900     
19774     Jason Poole     898     

D 889-
PDGA     Name     Rating     
15038     Brian Kevish     888     
70802     Robby Barry     883     
76739     Tom Gronski     883     
67225     Aris Pashos     882     
55576     Ryan Fancher     879     
91169     Troy Bateman     876     
48193     Joe Roppo     872     
43451     Donnie Longtin     867     
     Current _Cut- 2 Picks Remaining     866     
75430     Tony Dabulskis     837     
88932     Marco Gutierrez     806     
81071     Angela Delsasso     739     
88559     Brian Johnson     0     
86132     Alex Kuchel     0     
     Nick Kuchel     0     
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