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Hey guys I was unsure where to put this so I thought this might be the best option. First off thank you for letting me join your forum. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Brian and I am frisbee golf addict. I have never been great at the game, but I enjoy the sport. I live in DuPage County, Villa Park to be exact. Out by me there are no clubs or any real organized events. Most of my friends don't play so I'm forced to play by myself. I am looking to meet some new people an possibly better my game. Mainly my drive! Anyways looking forward to meeting some of you.

You should come out to the doubles league on Wednesdays or the J-Town Disc Golf Club hosts a handicap league on Tuesdays. These leagues will better your game at a lower stress level then a tournament. You’ll meet a ton of great players but even better people.

Here’s the links to the schedules

If getting down to J-town midweek is difficult, there is also a weekly doubles event at Madison Meadows (which is pretty close to you) on Wednesday nights.

I work in Joliet. So mid week is not a problem. I work at Thomas Toyota. So making it to Lockport is a quick trip.

Course looked great last night. After seeing Franks pics I couldn't believe the condition of the course. IOS should be a great tourney!


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