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Am I At A Loss Being Competetive?


I have an odd approach to driving. Keep on mind I am right handed. I learned how to play throwing forearm. I never really got results just a lot of inconsistency. Just recently I've given up that approach after 3 years and decided to work on my backhand. Problem is my backhand throw is with my left hand. I can't throw a frisbee right handed. If I use either throw the disc is going to have the same counter clockwise spin. Is this a problem in the grand scheme of things? I know I will never go pro or or even armature (not good enough) but I still want to keep up with the people I play with. Any thoughts?

Ultimately most of us have the same problem but yours is just a little more unique. We try to develop different shots to solve the problem. Have you tried a forearm with your left hand? What about a beginner friendly disc that is under stable, which might help you turn it over to the left like a Discraft Nuke SS?   

I do not have a Nuke SS I just have a Nuke. Right now I'm learning to deal with the struggle. I've been adjusting my throw. It seems to going alright. I just can't get my backhand above 250 ft. Oh and I can't throw forehand with my left hand.


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