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Trinity Links Point Series Event #5 Sept 9th

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--- Quote from: kev on September 06, 2012, 01:46:11 PM ---Can someone explain why a pre-reg list doesn't show up on the pdga site when I look to see if I'm in...I preregistered for Channy at the same time and I'm on that list.

I know the transaction went through when I received my "receipt" email from the PDGA. 

Looking at that list was a great way to confirm...I don't want to get to Trinity on Sunday morning and be told I'm not pre-registered and there's no spots left!!

Any help is appreciated!


Kevin Schramm #22952

--- End quote ---

It's up to the TD to upload the pre-registered players.  Get a hold of Thor to confirm that he has your registration.

Thor, why did these tournament results never make it to the PDGA? I waited until this last (Nov 13th) ratings update to ask if the results weren't part of the update.

The TD Report is completed and turned in, I would say because you either had a stellar round or shot like poo and they dropped them from your rating or the PDGA just hasn't got them up in the system.  They just finished putting in tournaments from march, check the PDGA and stay updated if you are worried about your rating.  hope that helps, and I have asked the PDGA the same question a few times this year.  when the Unofficial score turns into official then it is in the system.  that is what I am told.  keep em flying

Unofficial results are from the TD uploading results via the tournament manager on the web. These are not used for official results.

Results do not go official until the TD has turned in the TD report (Excel spreadsheet) AND paid all of the necessary fees to the PDGA. Until that happens, results will not be official and will not show up in the stats of any player who played the event.

Well, I guess PDGA is late or you are missing something Thor. Would appreciate if you could check on it again. I know it sounds inconsequential, but those rounds would help my rating tremendously...my rating is pretty embarrassing.


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