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Bag Tag Challenge Input


Fox valley is having their Ice Bowl 02/13/10 & we want to know if you think we should cancel Tag Challenge that day. I'm going to there Ice Bowl.

We will not have Bag Tag Challenge 02/27/10, that's the date for J-Town's Ice Bowl.

Fox Valley is having their fund raiser next week & I wanted to a majority vote to come to a conclusion. This was discussed with Ray & Jason & they said whatever the majority wanted. Three of four said no to the bag challenge day. If anyone has a problem with that, let me know & we'll try & work something out.
Hope to see you at Jericho.

No offense to Fox Valley, but I will not be making it out to their Ice Bowl.  So I will be at the tag challenge for anyone else that is not going to Fox Valley. 

ill look forward to taking your tag if you go sat bangham


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