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J-Town Winter Doubles League

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The J-Town Winter Doubles League starts on Sunday November 4.
Hosted by: Mick McGowan & Mike Holmquist

Click on link for schedule:

They should consider pushing it back a week to Nov 11.  Got a C-tier at Pine Hills over in Ottawa on the 4th...

ace hole 4 round barn 394ft

Man! I was waiting to tee off on 5 when we watch Mike's f-ing INCREDIBLE ace on Hole 4 (Long red basket over the water!) That Valk he threw was so pretty...floated an S and we thought it was going to settle down on top of the road...somehow it held without a fade and stayed up! When it hit the chains, it was like taking a shotgun to a peice of broccoli! Absolutely awesome to see!

Dude I heard em clear as day. Even my brother was like the chains were just demolished by the Valk. It was cool, they said they heard a roar of people screaming from across the whole course.


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