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Trinity Links Point Series Final Event

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I wanted to congradulate phish sticks on his official first place finish and that 905 rated second round. I really don't remember this happening but if it's official it must have happened.

phish sticks:
Thank you! I really dont even remember my scores from that day. I left before everything was over and counted I think. I'll be back to play on the 23rd for the tournament though. I love this course hoping to get out within the next week to trinity.

and by the way how did you know I was the one who finished first?

I cheked it out on PDGA.com.  You may need to pick up your trophy from Michael Ocampo, I think he has it.

phish sticks:
Yeah I have no idea how I would ever get in contact with him. No biggie but thank you for pointing it out as I was completely clueless to that I finished first. I could of swore I was 2nd but maybe one of us didnt count right.

Really if anyone knows how to contact him or anybody else who would want to meet up and play a round or 2 at trinity. I havent been played since and I might have a hard time finding tee pads if still snow on the ground.


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