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Trinity Links Glo Tournament

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Trinity Links Glo Tournament is pushed back to November 17th. but it is ok because Dana is having a sweet tourney that weekend at pine hills ( NOVEMBER 3rd and 4th).  Trinity will have the glo doubles tournament and a fire or three that night.  I am looking for input on if it should be bring your own partner or random draw.  I will leave it up to the people who are coming to make that decision so vote on this thread. 
Prices for Open players will be $ 30
Prices for am players will be $ 25
This is the big fundraiser that really helps get work done at Trinity and paid for the tools that got so many of your discs out of the shed.  Man or Woman up and dress warm and come support the course.  Lets together make this course better and better every year.  We need to raise money to focus on the pond and cleaning it up and maybe a few more tee pads to add pro tee's to holes with out them.  I will give out more info soon about start time and format. 
This event will be one round.... 
Thanks and hope everyone is throwing far and making putts

My vote is for bring your own partner!

And, Thor, are you planning on doing glo leagues this year??

I second Kev - bring your own partner. I better go buy some Glo discs cuz I'll be there!

you can buy glo discs or I sell LED lights as part of the fundraiser.....  usually 3 for 10 but I was told I was getting a better deal this next order so we shall see.....  Either way come on out and bring your friends

Well, glad you said something, I would rather put some LED's on there than buy a few glo's! I'll see you there - save me some LED's!


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