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This is my .02 on the state of disc golf and how I see it.. not trying to "message board argue" or "troll", just my thoughts on the matter....

Might be time the Pro's need a separate association and maybe there needs to be qualifications for being a Pro.  Like maybe 1000+ rated for example.. But the problem is that's only about 160 people in the entire USA and I'm not kidding... (and not to mention the top pros playing 1100 rated golf this year)

When you break down the numbers of the PDGA seems like to me they should drop the "P".. So to run $50,000 tourneys for 160ish people (best case scenario if everyone 1000+ shows) seems like an waste also, I do agree we need change but not too sure this is the right answer... I see this helping people on the fence about going out on tour seem more attractive, but that's about it.

Go to the and set the criteria for "all pro men" country "USA" and sort by "Rating" 3 pages of 1000+ and only like 14 or so on the 4th page...

Current breakdown of the PDGA is as follows...
(according to the summit notes found here: )

*2012 Current : 16,504 members (*As of 9/5/12)
Am: 12936 78%
Pro: 3568 22%
Female: 1,205 7%
Male: 15,299 93%

(1000 rated plus is 0.04% 160 divided by 3568)

As of 2012 we are an Amateur Association and IMO that's the real problem.. They are wanting all this ESPN and Sponsor attention, but fail to provide a Professional Sport (strictly going by the numbers, not trying to offend anyone)

I guess my point is all this time and energy for 40 of the top Pro's to be able to earn a comfortable living and hope to get the attention of a major sponsor seems silly.. I don't play disc golf in hopes of one day seeing myself or disc golf on TV... I have a face for radio anyways :) I buy disc golf DVDs and support those who support Disc Golf.


I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do Santa.. And is it possible you bring me some money trees, and plant them in my yard. I've been good this year..

Aces and Chains:
Ray - Your .02 are more than welcome. First, you started the thread. Second, you're not arguing, you are having a discussion on a forum. I hope you see my responses the same way.

The biggest problem I see with having a "Pro only" disc golf association is that it would have no money to do anything with. As Ray pointed out, there are only a small number of Pro players who would qualify, and that leaves a very small pool of money to draw from. So, for the Pros at least, I don't see the benefit. Maybe I'm missing something.

It seems to me that both are intertwined, and that's why the PDGA tries to serve both Ams and Pros. And honestly, to me, the "Pro" in PDGA doesn't stand for the Pro division as much as it stands for all tournament players. Instead of disenfranchising anyone who isn't in the Pro division, they are "only" disenfranchising the casual players. And the PDGA seems to be moving in a direction toward the casual players as well. Which really seems brilliant to me on their part. Being more inclusive means more $$$ to spend growing the sport. By including club run events, leagues, etc. in their ratings, the PDGA is encouraging larger numbers of players to join their ranks.

I don't see the problem with being more inclusive. We don't need to lose sight of the goal to increase the payouts at the top end. But we also can't lose sight of where the majority of that money comes from.


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