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tell me how my drive looks


phish sticks:
Just curious on how my driving looks. Any pointers are appreciated. Im just trying to maximize my distance as much as I can. I feel like im not getting the snap I need really. Thanks for any help! http://youtu.be/mW8AaWsXUFE

Heres it in slow motion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86WdKDc-RiI

Watched your video and your drive when looked at in full speed looks ok other than your body and hips don't really turn far enough back plus your arm speed seems relatively average. Now watching it in slow motion reveals a major flaw for big time distance if that's what your looking for.. Your right foot your plant foot is coming down and your arm is still going back after your plant foot comes down..in order to get max distance u need to get that arm and hips all the way back just before plant foot comes down, then as plant foot comes down your hips and arm should be coming back through together.. Everything together as fast as you can pull your arm and hips with foot planted simultaneously.. That is how big distance is achieved.. Hope this doesn't confuse you. It's easier to demonstrate than tell with words..

phish sticks:
Thank you! Im gonna go out to an open field today and work on my drives and practice practice practice. I've been practicing the motion inside until a disc slipped outta my hand but the few times I felt like I had it right I could feel the disc wanting to rip out of my hands and I was holding on so I think Im hopefully doing it right.

I notice sometimes when I go to throw I tend to loosen my grip so Im working on that as well. Same as with my body movement my hips and body need to flow and move a lot more with my throws.

I've been playing for maybe 8-10 years on and off. I never learned from someone who knew how to play and I just started back up again for about the 5th time in over a year or 2 of not playing. I would usually play for a summer then stop a few years and start back again. I just started playing again around end of august beginning of September competitively. So its gonna take some time breaking old habits but I should be able to pick up fast.

Thanks again for the info and comments!

anyone else who has a nice slow motion video of themselves with a great throw should post it up for a good example.

Check out this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMC6OYzb3oY&feature=plcp&noredirect=1
It helped me out alot.  Mainly that all the force should be at the end of the throw.  I've also had numerous Pro's say that relaxed muscles move faster and are freer than tensed muscles.  Yeti told me that the only time you need to grip the disc tight is at release.  Your grip should be loose before that.  Cam Todd described his throw like he was holding his girlfriend - gentle through the whole thing, he never squeezes the disc tightly.  Also from what I've seen and experienced, running up, 3, 5 or 7 steps doesn't make a whole lot of difference.  It's all about reaching all the way back and focusing your effort right around the release point.  I've seen older pro's rip putters over 300' with 2 1/2 baby steps!


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