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December 22nd bring your own partner tournament


Ok people here it is
On Saturday December 22nd I will be having a bring your own partner tournament.  It is $25 a man so $50 a team and it is cash pay outs.  I will have two divisions. Open/Advanced and then all other ams.   I will not let a group of advanced players play down but  I will let ams play up if they choose.  again this is cash pay outs. 
I will have $10 ace and CTP per team. 
We will register for this event starting at noon and be getting under way at 1:30pm.  the second round will be glow and we will start an hour from the last card turned in. 
I will have LED lights and I will have some glo plastic.  hope to see you at Trinity on the 22nd of december. 

I hope I can talk the wife into leaving for her parents on Sunday rather than Saturday.... :'(


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