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How cool is it to see Phil Arthur an old Illinois player making this huge step. Does anyone remember the Flying Deucemen from the Libertyville area?

before my time.. please tell a story or two.. I love disc golf history lessons

Phil was from the libertyville area and if i remember right started playing area tourneys around early to mid 90's.. He had a nickname of "The Natural" given to him by another two  libertyville locals named Pat Jetman Gorley and Dave Blaster forgot last name (god rest his soul he passed away some time ago in a motorcycle accident). He got the nickname due to his ability to play at a high level really early in his playing days..He could throw a disc over 500 ft righty and 400 ft lefty.. I know alot of you are probably saying 500 ft thats not very far many players can do that now. Well let me tell you not many people could throw that far with the discs of those days.. Myself and Shawn Harmon used to travel the midwest area and played with Phil and many other great players..Faced off with Phil in many distance competitions and he was a great competitor.. Joe Flash

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