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Disc Golf in Elementary School?


So my granddaughter (Kindergartner) had a school Christmas party a few weeks ago and I ended up going to help out with a game. I brought in my Innova Skillshot Portable with about 30 minis. I got to set it up in a new huge hallway in the new kindergarten wing. There were a few different games so her teacher had groups of seven alternating from game to game. So I lined them up and let them putt from different areas. The kids had a blast. They went nuts when one of them made a putt. One of the cool things was that I could see a couple of them had that awesome natural throwing motion. I even had one kid tomahawking. So yes the introduction to disc golf was the hit of the party. I got the okay to come back in the spring and bring in the real discs for their recess. I think Iíll set up a couple of holes and see what happens. I might need help.

so awesome Jesse!.. need any help please ask.. I helped do PE classes for my girls at their school (about 3 years running now) and its the coolest.. with all due respect to terry miller, the parents and kids say hello to me now as , "hey disc golf guy!"..  ::) good stuff

Man...I should do that at my kids elementary school! What a great introduction! If you need help with yours, I'm in. I am going to talk to my kids and check the school activity calendar and see if I can get something going at their school.

Iíll definitely let you guys know because Iíll need the help. Itís all about having fun when you have 23 five and six year olds at recess and ready to roll. Itís such a fun age to be around.


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