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ill Spring Series-Pine Hills 3/30, Pontiac 4-14, Streator 4/21 all C-tiers

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Pine Hills Experiment #5 General Rules- Vibram DG ILL Spring Series
OB- Parking lot, on or over road. Surrounded by water or over. Over fences. All Greens and sand traps. MANDATORIES- Hole 2, 5 (two), 6
1.   628 OB- Gravel parking lot, road, painted line.
2.   717 Mando left of 1st tree.  OB- over fence, road
3.   264
4.   298 In or over creek (Cross bridge and stay left to #5)
5.   1228 “THE PAR 6” Mando left of 1st tree AND left of marked tree after dogleg.  Over fence left. Only go to drop zone/s if you miss mando!
6.   330 “Stump Hole” Mando left.  Go to drop zone if you miss mando. Drop zone is left of mando.
7.   390
8.   336 On over painted line left (starts at green and goes along path)
9.   258
10.    309
11.    285 (please park cart on bottom of ridge, not up near 12 tee)
12.    588 In or over creek
13.    310 tee is in front of blue shack
14.    250
15.    345
16.    315
17.    423 You must go to drop zone if you throw OB from the tee side of the creek.  If you go OB from basket side, play normal OB rules.  OB line goes on forever if you throw past where it is marked.
18.    306

***Subject to change slightly*****

The holes are very similar to the Ice Bowl and from IL State Doubles/Pine Hills Experiment #4.

Course is still unplayable.  Will keep everyone updated.

Still plenty of spots available!

Call Pine Hills 815-434-3985 to register with a credit card over the phone.

phish sticks:
anyone know how the course is? Are carts going to be available? thanks


--- Quote from: phish sticks on March 28, 2013, 09:58:37 PM ---anyone know how the course is? Are carts going to be available? thanks

--- End quote ---
Yep, carts are in, good food and good host get signed up now. Great weather too.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the event! I'd call it a pretty good day overall.

Ace pot for Pontiac starts at $112 (or something like that).

Find me at league to get registered, or register online www.iregisteredonline.com


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