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Channy tee pads


Hey guys I was out with my brother at channahon today cleanings pads and benches and ended up losing two discs (both were unmarked :/) I lost my blue proto d1 on hole 14 and my black tern on hole 5/6. If you anyone happens to find either of them I would appreciate it if you let me know, thanks. Also, my sister in law, Brittany, lost a pink gold line saint at hole 12. Thanks for reading, hope to hear back. Channahon pads and benches are immaculate! Come get your rounds in!!!
Ps whoever read the first one sorry it was suppost to say this lol


Great job on the tee pads guys!

Thanks uncle Jess!!!! Man there was a lot of snow on those pads and the whole course. Discs were just sinkin in the snow!!!!! BE CAREFUL AND WATCH CAREFULLY!!!!!!
BY THE WAY 5 dollar reward for any of those disc found!!!!!
Thanks again!!! DISC GOLF FOREVER


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