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26th Channahon Classic

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Aces and Chains:
As always, another very well run tournament. Good job guys. Thanks for a great time!

26th Channahon Classic
September 28 & 29, 2013
Community Park, Channahon, IL

TEESSaturday 2 rounds of 21 holes on short tees
Sunday 2 rounds of 21 holes one short and one long

79 players Saturday
49 players Sunday
Thanks to everyone who came out.

Saturday: The temperature was an unseasonal 80 plus degrees. The winds were steady in the high teens all day and the gust were close to 25mph. It was a beautiful day but It was a little tough with the wind for disc golf.

Sunday: The temperature was a very nice 70 degrees. It was fairly calm until around 11:30 when the wind started to pick up to around 10mph with gusts in the teens. It was a much nicer day for disc golf.

MS1 - Rob Huebner - 134
MA2 - Kyle Anderson - 116
MA3 - Tom Anderson - 119
MA4 - Nate Zarembski - 129
FA2 - Kristi McCarthy - 151
MJ1 - Kevin Padilla - 120
MJ2 - Jimmy Layne - 133
MPO - Allen Hermosillo - 105
MPM - Juan Lopez - 121
MA1 - Kevin Macuiba - 116
FA1 - Lauren Lakeberg - 164
MM1 - Andrew Cassioppi - 127
MG1 - Michael Stefanic - 139
It took another huge effort by a lot of people to keep the Classic going. Thank you all and because of your hard work and determination will were able to pull off this great tournament.

I'll try not to leave anyone out.
We couldnít have done it without your generous contribution and support!

Frank Grimes - The hardest physically working man in the sport. The course is a work of art! One of the top money sponsors of the tournament
Gary Lewis - The Backbone! The Busiest man around.
Joliet Cabinet Co. - Dale DelSasso - Trophies www.jolietcabinet.com
J-Town Disc Golf Doubles League - Darrin Johnson & Jesse Saenz Jr. - Everybody that pays and plays in the CTPs
J-Town Winter Doubles League - Mick McGowan - Everybody that pays and plays in the CTPs
Jason Poole - Computer Genius - Artwork
Innova Champion Discs - www.innovadiscs.com
Channahon Park District - Ellen Maciuba
Fast Printing Of Joliet - www.fastprintingofjoliet.com
Rob Martis- Trophy Plates
Kelly Murray- Sleeping Paco Art
Ryan Gremillion
Tís and Taps Smiley Dyes- T-shirt Printing www.smileydyes.com
Pure Buttons - Button Printing www.purebuttons.com
Daniel Czempinski - Photography  www.dmcpics.com
West Park Flyers
J-Town Disc Golf Club
Saenz Family

Gary Lewis
Paul McCallister
Phil Corrigan
Jason Poole
Dale Del Sasso
Dave Kocuiba
Darrin Johnson
Jesse Saenz Jr.

Shawn McCarthy
Kelly Murray
Tim Murray
Kevin Macuiba
Tom Matesevac
Aaron Studer
Everyone else who has pitched in throughout the year.

Scott AKA The Taco (Guy Saturday)- The tacos were great!

SATURDAY -  http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/106792
SUNDAY - http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/106793

See You Next Year,

I'm currently in the process of posting the Pro/Adv division photos.  I'll let you know when they are all up.

EDIT: All images are up.  Enjoy!


--- Quote from: Dan on October 05, 2013, 05:11:06 AM ---I'm currently in the process of posting the Pro/Adv division photos.  I'll let you know when they are all up.

EDIT: All images are up.  Enjoy!

--- End quote ---

The photos look great! Thanks for coming out Dan!


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