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Typically I use Nike flex running shoes during good weather but dont always do so well in the mud. Dont feel real loose in boots in either. Was maybe thinking about cleats during bad conditions. Any of you guys have any suggestions?

For me, Merrell Moab low's are the best mix between a hiking boot and running shoes.  They seem to handle mud adequately.  My best mud/cold shoes are Merrell Thermo 6's, but they are boots with a very aggressive sole.
The problem I always had with cleats is there is no grip when you get to a cement teepad.  Also I like to pivot some and cleats feel like they want to tear my knee apart.  Over the years I have finally decided that good play in mud is just a matter of getting used to bad footholds.  It's more about mindset then soles.  Good luck.

NICE! Any suggestions on where I can pick a pair of those bad boys up? Never looked into hiking shoes before.

I'm on my second pair of Keen Disc Golf shoes.  The current pair available is the DeLavaega's. 

They seem comparable to Merrell's.  Unfortunately, I have never seen the Keen's available in retail...online only!

Merrell's can be found at places like Dick's, Scheel's or other sporting goods stores...

the Dela's are discontinued



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