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Go to Gander Mountain they have several different kinds of outdoor shoes.

I just bought some Merrell Moab Waterproof Lows shoes at Gander mtn in Joliet last Wednesday and I'm liking them so far. They were 110$ but they had the water resistant ones for 90$. Pretty good selection on other hiking outdoor shoes.

light pair , wore these since xmas .
going to be my summer warmer pair
was a nice xmas gift

but I tweaked an ankle , the good one, so I went out and got these
this weekend

Merrill with Vibram soles   ( light high tops )   100  bucks then I had a coupon for  20 %  off.
so not bad cost


buy something with Vibram Soles is my shameless plug

thanks guys! real appreciated

The difference between waterproof and Gore-Tex shoes (Merrell's at least) is pretty much name only.  And about 20 bucks.  The patent on Gore-Tex has expired, so companies can make the same thing for less.
I have gotten shoes from Zappos.com online when I'm confident in the sizing.  I have also had pretty good luck on eBay!  I picked up a pair of Gore-Tex Moab's for $70 w/ shipping and I think they may have been worn once!  I'm just careful to pick ones that have a LOT of pictures and I look carefully at the soles to see wear.  I also picked up some anti-fungal foot spray from Target (the bowling alley stuff) and SOAKED them before wearing.

Recently the trend towards spikeless in golf shoes has piqued my interest.  I think next time I may head to a golf store and check some out.  Some of those soles look pretty mean.  And they come in some crazy colors!


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