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A Message From Mary Beth Windberg Supt. of Rec. Mokena PD


Hi Jesse - I have a favor. Apparently the other night some of our local hooligans had a massive drinking party out on the course. They actually pulled a bunch of stumps into a circle, and left piles of beer cans, booze bottles, and assorted other nice garbage. Could you spread the word around that if anybody in your clubs sees ANYTHING going on out there that shouldn't be, to call me? Here is my cell number (708) 372-1534. Or the Mokena Police. We try to keep the course clean and you guys who play seriously are great at being stewards of the courses, so I thought maybe you all could assist me in keeping an eye on the place. There is a Village Trustee who lives literally right next to the course, who doesn't like it so close to his home to begin with. I don't want to give him any ammunition against us. Between us, unless it is something obviously criminal, I'd prefer the call come to me before the cops. I don't want to give them any more reason to be out there hassling the everyday golfer. And since I live like a block away, I can be there faster than them anyway. Thanks!
Mary Beth Windberg
Supt. of Recreation
Mokena Park District
(708) 372-1534


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