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2013 Trinity Links Point Series

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on line registration is not up so I will not charge the day of fee.   the course has two new additions to it thanks to Leo B, Dave K. Twan ( Don't call me Tony) R, Frank G.  Scott C, and I am sure I am leaving other people out.  make sure you come check out the course and help us continue to raise money to improve this great disc golf course.  if you have any quesitons let me know.  Thanks

Hey everyone.  Trinty Links Point Series 4th Event is this weekend on Sunday July 14th.  The 4th event is a non sanctioned event but you will still get over all points for the point series.  If am divisions have more then 10 in each division I will most likely give half cash and half funny money for payout.  Open will be just normal cash payout.  Registration will be from 8:00 to 9:00 and players meeting at 9:15.  if you have any questions let me know.

Since this is a Non-Santioned tourney is the registration $ cheaper?

& if you do half cash payouts does this mean novice, rec, int & adv need to have 10+ in each div?

Thanks! Little late.

Are the rest of your events going to be sanctioned or are you going to continue doing them non-sanctioned?

Are scores posted anywhere just to see who won and how they shot?


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