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Inaugural Fields of Green @ West Chicago, April 20

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+4 from the Blues, -2 from the Whites.  Might've been able to get #18 if I wasn't so tired and wet by that point!
This should be a fun event guys!  The Whites may be a little messy, but only for 5 feet or so.  You can back up to get good footing.  Looks like NO ONE plays the Blues, so those are fresh.  I made sure they were all staked (some weren't) and even did some weeding of the big dead stuff.  Looks like a perfect time for a tourney.  All that long tall razor-type grass is laying down, so spotters won't be necessary.  I'd imagine all the water will be casual as it is impossible to tell where it starts/stops.  It is a fun place.  Come on out for the inaugural tourney!

Aces and Chains:
Thanks for posting this Tafe. I've been so busy, I didn't get a chance to post it here yet.

I was just out at the course this morning, and it's in good shape, except for a few muddy tee boxes. If they dry up, we'll use em as is. If not, I will allow players to tee off from one side or the other (their choice.) My tentative plan is to play the Red (short) tees for round one, and the White (standard) tees for round two. I may also use the blue tees on a few holes for round two (like hole 8 for example).

Here's the official info:

Aces and Chains is proud to present this C-Tier PDGA sanctioned tournament. 18+ holes at Kress Creek Farms in West Chicago.

Kress Creek is a recently built course in West Chicago. This will be the first PDGA sanctioned tournament played there.

Pre-registration is highly encouraged. By pre-registering, you help us run a smoother tournament. This is only a one day tournament, so it is likely to fill. You can pre-register in person at either Aces and Chains store (Joliet, or Geneva), or online at: http://www.acesandchains.com/node/793

Day of Registration (if spots are available) and Check-In will be between 8am-9am both days. Please check in when you get there. Base fee for this tournament is $30, with an additional $3 CTP and $2 Ace, so $35 all in. If you are not a current PDGA member, there is an additional $10 fee to the PDGA. Lastly, there is a $2 fee for using a credit card to register. Paying with cash, as always, is no extra charge.

Please note that the parking lot is not the biggest. If you can carpool, please do so. If everyone drives separately, there is no way the lot will hold everyone.

Players meeting will be held at 9:15am. Tee off at approx. 9:30am. The map below is fully functional.

I sure hope Pro/Adv. won't play Reds.  That's just too short.  You're taking away the challenge of the course.

Aces and Chains:
The plan for the tee boxes won't be set in stone until after I look over the course tomorrow morning. And if we play the reds, I can certainly have the Adv/Pro divisions play different tees to make it challenging for you guys. I'll let you know tomorrow what the plan is.

Aces and Chains:
Course inspection is postponed until Friday. I know some of you are concerned about the amount of rain, as am I. Rest assured I will make the best decision I can based on the course conditions when I look it over tomorrow.

Currently, I'm dealing with my own issues in our basement. Plus, my wife's car wouldn't start this morning. May have blown a fuse, or it may be something worse. Once I get done with the basement, I'll tackle that issue.

I took tomorrow off from the shop so I will have plenty of time to check the course, and make any changes or decisions at that time. I will post here, and on the other forums tomorrow. Stay tuned...


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