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Inaugural Fields of Green @ West Chicago, April 20

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Aces and Chains:
Fields of Green is officially cancelled!

It looks more like a lake resort than a disc golf course right now.

Aces and Chains:
Online pre-registrations will be refunded online (you don't have to do anything.) and in store pre-registrations will be refunded at the shop. If you can't make it in, just call us and we'll mail the refund out to you.

Aces and Chains:
I'm working on rescheduling this tournament for sometime in May, or later. Hopefully, I'll be able to settle on a new date, and I'll post it here when I do. Anyone who wants a refund is certainly welcome to get it. If you'd like to play the rescheduled date, just hang tight and I'll post info as soon as I can.

Aces and Chains:
Tentative reschedule date is August 4th. As soon as I hear back from the park district, I'll post a new topic.

Aces and Chains:
It's official. Heard back from the park district today, so Fields of Green will be held at Kress Creek Farms on August 4th. Hope to see you all there.


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