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IOS #54 - The Dave Pitner Memorial - May 4th-5th, 2013 - Channahon, IL

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There's a good chance that this is fixed now.  I found out that Google Checkout has a newer version of their cart, and I know that upgrading this fixed what was wrong in IE9 if you weren't using compatibility mode.  I know it works fine in Chrome, and it looks happy in Firefox as well now.

Please PM me or email me if you continue to have problems!

COURSE NOTES: I was out there playing the course today. It's in great shape! One major change: Because the hill around 4 is roped off and the basket bagged, there is an alternate pin location. We will play LONG TEE BOTH ROUNDS for hole 4! Hole 6 is no longer under water, but the area around the basket is still a very soupy mud. We will probably use an alternate location for 6's basket and play from the long tees both rounds. I left a flag indicating the approximate location for the replacement basket.

I left flag markers out to mark the temp baskets, but I received a report that they got mowed over :-/ Maybe there is still something out there to help people identify where to find the tees and baskets at! Otherwise we'll get it fixed up Saturday morning.

I'm SOOO looking forward to playing Frank's Country Club!!!

Course Map.  Note marsh area to the right of 19 is OB, not a high chance anyone will get into that.  Hole 4 and 6 play from Long tee both rounds. Hole 1 water OB after the 2nd foot bridge.  Water on near side of it is casual.  Pond is OB on 2 as well as creek water (bridge is in bounds). There's a small pool of water behind 15 that is OB, and there is water to the left on 16 (tough to get to) that is also OB.  Hole 20 and 21, path and over to right is OB once past the tee.

Scores were posted for today before the payouts even began!  Thanks all to those that came out.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day.  I look forward to tomorrow being even nicer!

Results: http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/102520


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