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IOS #54 - The Dave Pitner Memorial - May 4th-5th, 2013 - Channahon, IL

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--- Quote from: Frankie on April 25, 2013, 07:08:41 PM ---
--- Quote from: stpitner on April 25, 2013, 11:23:36 AM ---This is the latest information that I have from the park district. We'll probably know by Monday what will happen. I'm currently investigating potential alternate locations where we might be able to move the tournament to should we be told that we can't go forward.

"A crew of people will be at the park Saturday morning to continue with the cleanup. Lots of standing water with large carp and catfish swimming around and the parks dept have seen numerous snakes!
Until the park officially opens back up, I won't be able to tell you if the tournament can be played. The parks dept are hoping to get back to the course today or tomorrow."

--- End quote ---
It's interesting what I see, & what's being related to Scott, relative to Community Park & the Disc Golf course. My best guess is I'm being talked to in code. I think they want the disc golf community to come out & help clean the park, like we did for the Ice Bowl. I told them I could get help for the course, but not the park. There are soccer & baseball people that can help. Other than the water & the bridge, the course is in good shape. The park superintendent said he wasn't on the course, he's looking at other parts of the park. It would be very nice if some would come out Saturday. It would say something if you came out Scott. I'll call a couple of guys. The water keeps going down.

--- End quote ---
I made a couple of calls, Shawn Harmon, Shawn McCarthy, Hose-Bee, & maybe Ish, are going to help me Saturday morning. Harmon's bringing his waders & fishing pole.

Sorry Frank - I didn't see the request for people to come out Saturday until just now.  It's a bummer because I probably could have made it as well.  The way Ellen worded it to me she sounded like it was park people only that would be allowed there, so I didn't follow up.  However, I will be there on Thursday to try to get things set up, check on the pavilion, etc.

I have received official word - the course is OPEN. We are ON for this weekend! Feel free to pre-register if you want to save some money on your entry fee!

Pre-Register: http://paperorplasticsports.com/2013/2013ios54.html

When I get out there I will assess if I have to close off any holes (guessing 6 is what's still underwater?) or set up an alternate basket location.

Frank - is there any other work that would still be beneficial out there?

I have added a notification on this thread to now email me anytime someone replies to this thread so that I don't miss it ;)  Wish you had PM'd me, Frank!


--- Quote from: stpitner on April 29, 2013, 11:33:57 AM ---I have added a notification on this thread to now email me anytime someone replies to this thread so that I don't miss it ;)  Wish you had PM'd me, Frank!

--- End quote ---
Actually that post was universal. I thought of you at the end of the post. My thought was it gave you a chance to meet some of the park people. Not a big deal.
There is water at the base on #6. My guess it will be gone by  tournament time. We'll see how it is for handicap tomorrow evening. 

It looks like the google checkout is not working too well with Firefox. Use Safari or Internet Explorer to pre-register.


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