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6th J-Town One Disc Challenge Friday June 14

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mark me down for AMs
Ryan Aquino - buzzz

Sign up Todd Bly as well please for the Am division. I will be using an Ascent by the by.

If you posted your name here then you don't have to fill out anything when you get there tonight. Just let me know you are there and of course pay me.

Weather looks great!

One Disc Challenge
June 14, 2013
West Park - Joliet

24 Holes - Short Tees -  Par 72

Sponsorship sign is attached below!

Low 70s and clear. A perfect night for disc golf? The course was a little muddy which is unusual for this time of year.

40 great guys came out to have a little fun and raise a little money. Even the guys who shot a little bad came in laughing and took the ribbing like champs from the crowd.
It was a great night with great people!

$278 was raised for the 31st Illinois State Disc Golf Championships.

Kris Hutter completely destroys the course and Pro competition by four strokes shooting an amazing round of 57(-15) with his Roc.

Pete Dell Aquila squeaks out a win in a playoff to take the top honors in Advanced.Petey shot a great round of 61 (-11) with his Ape.

Todd Paraday cruises to a two stroke Am victory shooting a very nice round of 63 (-9) with his Buzzz

40 Players
10 Helpers/Supporters

CTP for Ace fund
Steve Rachan = $40
Brian Kevish = $20

Kris Hutter - CTP Freebie Hole #1
Jose Herrera - CTP Freebie Hole #2
Jon Vargo - Longest Drive Freebie Hole #11   
Tom Matesevac - CTP CFR Disc Hole #21 
Kevin Yockman - CTP Freebie Hole #23
Jon Vargo - 50/50  Hole #24 = $46

Gary Lewis
Rob Martis
Troy Burzawa
Giavana Hill
Angelie Hill
Bonnie McKinney
Brayden  McKinney
Emily Rae Mounts
Joanne Rae Saenz
Jesse Saenz Jr.

Kris   Hutter    57   Roc   $90
Jason   McKinney   61   Buzz   $20
Aaron   Alinowski   61   Roc   $20
Tom   Matesevac   61   Buzz   $20
Al   Hermosillo   61   Champ Rhyno   
Chris   Brenholtz   67   Buzzz   
Joe   Flash   68   Buzzz   
Dave   Kociuba   69   Glow Roc   
Brian   Kevish   71   D1   
Darrin   Johnson   73   Aviar Putter   
Peter   Dell'Aquila   61   Ape   $60
Jon   Vargo   61   Firebird   $20
Keith   Kowalcyk   64   Champ XD   
Kevin   Macuiba   65   Buzzz   
Ray   Hill   57   Buzzz   
Kevin   Yockman   69   Buzzz   
Tommy   Arianoutsos   72   Roc   
Mike   Noe   73   Buzzz   
Todd   Paraday   63   Buzzz   $80
Jeremiah   Bly   65   Ascent   $42
Jose   Herrera   66      $32
Ismael   Ochoa   68      $23
Jerry   Mamfeldt   68   Valkyrie   $23
Dan   Wisemantle   69   Buzzz   $10
Mike   McPartlin   69   Nuke   $10
Mario   Guzman   71   Firebird   
Cody   Schmook   71   Buzzz   
Ryan   Resmann   73   Yeti Aviar   
Kevin   Schramm   73   Roc3   
Rob   Barrett   74   Ridge   
Steve   Rachan   74   Ascent   
Kyle    Karkut   75      
Justin   Duckmanton   78      
Aaron    Studer   78      
Ryan   Aquino   79      
Eric   Liss   80   Buzzz   
Justin   Cavaness   81   Mission   
Chris   McCabe   81   Buzzz   
Kurt   Morehouse   87   Buzzz   
Todd   Bly   90   Buzzz   

See You Later,




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