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Does anyone here do custom dyes at home???  I have not met anyone else around who does custom stencils.  I would love to see some other local artwork.

Here are a few of mine from a couple years ago.  I have not made any in the last 2 years

If you see me or my discs on the course feel free to stop by and chat.  I'd love to learn new techniques or share my current ones.

Just realized when I erased my facebook, it erased all the links i posted.  Here a few from my archives.  Some retired, some lost in the area.  Sadly none of these are in my bag anymore.

Impressive work sir! I'm just starting out trying to dye my own. have any tips?

Thank you.  I cant take 100% credit.  I use a vinyl plotter to cut my stencils.  I am not a hands on artist, but i can work my way around Adobe Illustrator enough to fake it.  I have done hand cuts, but gave them up out of frustration.

Some basic tips
1.) Use iDye Poly for really bright and bold colors.  Rit was good, but they changed the formula about a year ago.
2.) Use Oracle 651 or 631 vinyl instead of contact paper.  You can find it online or at any sign store. 
3.) if you are gonna hand cut, use fresh blades.  nothing worse than being almost done and having a dull blade ruin your work. 
4.) Learn Adobe illustrator or inkscape.  This makes stencils easier.  (#1 for me)
5.) practice on misprints.  I buy boxes of random misprints from Discraft and DD.  They are usually under $10 each.  Once dyed, sell them for double to a buddy. Its worth it IMO.
6.) Goof Off to remove stamps, not goo gone or acetone.

I cant really think of any other tips, but I can try to answer any questions.  I am gonna try to come to tags next weekend, maybe we can go into more detail.

  If you are really gonna dye a lot, it's worth getting the plotter.  After the initial cost of the plotter, It cost me about $1-2 per disc for vinyl and transfer tape. 

Some really cool dyes you got there.  I want to try this eventually


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