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West Park "clean up" day - June 8th @ 10am


Aces and Chains:
I will be doing some prep work at West Park this Saturday for the Chain Reaction for Rio tournament on June 15th. I'll be there from 10am until everything is done. If anyone would like to help out, it would be much appreciated!

I need to mow the green for hole 8A (I have a beater lawn mower that I'll bring), and re-set the steps down to hole 10.

We may find other things that need to be done once we get out there, but those are the two most important things.

Patrick -

I'll be at Bag Tags at Channy at 11.  I hope to make it to West after that to lend a hand.


Aces and Chains:
The green for the temp hole 8A has been mowed, and we got the steps set back in coming down from hole 9 to hole 10.

My thanks to Connor Chwaszczewski (hope I got that right), and Larry Pennuto for their help digging the last two steps, and carrying all the steps up the hill and placing them. Both guys stopped and offered help without me asking. There was also another player who stopped and helped me with the first two steps, but I forgot to get his name.

Love the disc golf community!

Doing a little work on the course really makes me appreciate all the hard work J-town does at Highland, and all the work that Frank does - pretty much everywhere. Lol. Thor and his team at Trinity....the list goes on.

Nice work guys!

Does anyone know if they cut the grass in the hole 2-5 area? The last I heard it was a jungle but Gary was trying to get them out before the weekend.

A group of us were out there on Tuesday and it seems it had just been freshly mowed then and they still had a bit to do...


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