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Great job, Kev! Tell everyone how well you did!


--- Quote from: kev on June 19, 2013, 08:51:32 PM ---Awesome!  I think I'm good for putters, I've got quite a few for the golfers to choose from. But of course if you want to bring yours to demonstrate with, by all means feel free!

See you Friday!  You're right, should be fun!


--- End quote ---
It was a fun day! I forgot my sunglasses, Kev had shorts on that hurt most peoples eyes. :)  Grundy County Chamber of Commerce ran the event. We were on hole #2 & our station raised $440.00. Maybe Kev has more details, I had to mention the shorts. In fact, I called on the way & asked if he had some goofy clothes on. Yep!

Goofy or Awesome, you decide!


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