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It appears our days of disc golf at Shorewood are coming to an
unfortunate end. The Village has other plans for Shorewood
Park. They plan to overhaul the DuPage River corridor throughout
the village over the next few years and Shorewood Park is high
on the list. The timeline does not appear to be set, but, 5-15
years was mentioned somewhere. Who knows when the course
will get the axe?

The following URLs will take you to the .PDF files showing the
proposed changes to Shorewood Park and the overall scope
of the project:



Get out there and play all you can....WHILE you can.

Shorewood Park's position high on the priority list:


This sux.

where in those plans did you read that they where going to remove the disc golf course?   from what it looks like they may need to move some baskets but they are not taking out the tees.


I couldn't imagine the course, the only "real" current user of an
under-utilized park, being allowed to continue to exist when so
many additional facilities and activities are being planned. We're
truly fortunate that we "hogged" the park for as many years as
we did. I'm thinking the tees are on the drawing as reference points.
The Ropes Course (supervised!) and related clearing appear to
cover the entire area currently used by all of hole 9 and half of
8 and 10. #12 has most of the middle of the fairway occupied
with Council Ring and Fireplace. You get the idea. There are
just too many facilities planned for an area where a disc golf
course is already "shoe horned" into a postage stamp-sized
park. It'd be pure insanity to allow disc golf to exist when moms
are wheeling baby buggies on the path and junior is climbing
the rock wall and sis is camping with her BlueBird Troop in one
camping/picnic area, next door neighbor Tommie is camping with his
Cub Scout Pack in the second camping/picnic area and cousin
Nick's Boy Scout Troop is using camping/picnic area #3. Da joint
will be jumpin' on the weekends. I remember the course 25+ years
ago when it was a run down park in the outskirts of a sleepy, little
town. We're being ousted by progress. I'd like nothing better than
to be proven wrong in my belief that the course is toast....but I'm
not holding my breath.

We'll just have to hope the bulldozers are a few years off.

What's interesting is the state can't pay their vendors. The state owes Moore Glass $60,000. I know someone else that went BK with $250,000 the state owed him. I'm sure it's a grant from the state & Channahon is getting a grant.
I can't help but wonder where the money comes from. The local talk radio is saying the state's in financial trouble. National news says Illinois is in the bottom 10 with financial problems. Go Figure!


It's our ol' buddy Obama.
Ekonomik stimyoulashun.


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