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J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 07/08/13 5pm


J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting
07/08/13 5:00pm-- Meeting #24

Good weather we will meet in the pavilion at Channahon, if not then McDonald's on Jefferson (near 55, in Shorewood next to Ricks RV Center)  I will update the post day-of so you know where to go. 

1)  Financials
2)  J-Town Invitational (Recap)
3)  Handicap Singles League
    a)  Sign-in time
    b)  Courses
4)  Bag Tags
5)  Course Projects
6)  Tournament Pre-Reg
7)  Ice Bowl Prize
8 ) Open Q&A

weather should be decent enough, let's do in a pavilion at Channahon.. hope to see you there..


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