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2013 Am Worlds Emporia, KS 7/9-7/13


Izak McDonald leads by one after round 1.. (Junior <= 13 Boys)
Colleen Thompson is second after round 1.. (Advanced Women)

any other locals I am missing? (sorry if I am missing anyone there is a ton of names)


Advanced has Mike Sale (Downers Grove, IL), Chad Nelson (Schererville, IN) , Steven Jacobs (Gurnee, IL) (2011 Junior <= 19 Boys World Champ)

good luck to all!!

Bryan Jenkins (Plainfield, IL)

Aces and Chains:
Colleen Thompson in 3rd after two rounds. Only down by 2 strokes!
Izak still in second.
Steven Jacobs in 3rd - down by only 3 strokes from the leader.
Mike Sale in 18th

thanks mike I knew I had to miss someone.. :)

PDGA Live has a twitter account set up that followed the Adv Women today.. if you want to catch what Colleen did (pics and all) or was doing in real time follow them or breeze through PDGALive's timeline:


Worlds is a marathon... Keep it up everyone!

Aces and Chains:
Colleen Thompson starts the day out in second, down by 2 strokes to Kimmy Jones. You can do it Colleen!

Imac is in 3rd, down 2 strokes from second.

Steven Jacobs is in FIRST PLACE in Adv. Men! He's tied with Joseph Stettinger. 3rd place is one stroke behind, and fourth is 3 strokes behind. Tight race!

Mike Sale is in 23rd. Bryan Jenkins is in 29th, one stroke behind Mike. Chad Nelson is in 39th.

I also noticed that Mark Hoffman is in 10th in Adv. Grandmasters. And Steve Vose is 16th.

Hope to see all of these players do well the next two days!


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