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What happened to RESPECT in Disc Golf

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What happened to courtesy on the Disc Golf Course???

I was at Channahon Community Park on hole 1 with my baby in the stroller...Before I could even get to my disc, 3 guys threw at us without saying anything. I turned around and said "what the h***, I have a stroller here"

I was then told leave the stroller at home, babies dont belong on the course. I was under the impression that a community park had no rules on strollers or babies. I also always let groups pass FOR SAFETY.

So I get to the next tee box and here he comes trying to start a fight with me. I am an adult...I dont get into childish fights at the disc golf course.

I am honestly disappointed if this is how disc golf in J-Town Disc Golf Club is going to be. I have never had an issue anywhere until I saw these guys.

The culprit was tall and skinny. wearing a lime green hat, Orange shirt, and a black leg brace on his right knee.

I could tell his 2 friends knew he was being a db, but would not say anything.

Players should have a better understanding of the word COMMUNITY and RESPECT.

Even the fact that they threw while I was still playing the hole is disrespectful.  And lets not forget the fact that I was playing a solo round.  There is no need to rush a solo player on hole 1.

I don't know who these people were, and I know that I take my kids golfing all the time. I can definitely see where your anger comes from, but I feel that you are unfairly painting all of J Town for the actions of some random people you met on the course. There is also little need for profanity on these boards as the people who offended you are unlikely to be vocal and active members in the community. Again I feel your pain, as I bring my kids out to play all the time and my daughter plays bag tags with me most Saturdays. I just do not believe that every person you might run into on the course is representative of the community.

I didn't intend to imply that everyone was like this.  They just happens to have on clothing that led me to believe they were in leagues or teams. I have played 3 rounds since I moved to Joliet this year. I had this incident and another incident at shore wood with a drunk 10 some.

I am gonna play some J town leagues. I'm sure I will meet some 1st class players in the process.

I didn't even realize the language. My appologies for that. It was a rant copied from the Facebook page. I tagged the page, that's the only reason I mentioned it.

     No worries, no offense taken by me. I can totally understand the need to vent after an incident such as the one that you experienced. I have only been in the area a year myself and have thoroughly enjoyed participating in this league.
     I am not saying that all of our members are saints, but in most all cases they show respect to other golfers while on the course.
     Hope to see you at handicap on a Tuesday some time or bag tags on a Saturday that my daughter does not have a softball game. They will stop having Saturday games eventually.


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