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Want to join the jtown disc golf club

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If you come to Channy on Saturday, $15 gets you in the club and with that you get a tag/carabiner.

If you stay to play our bag tags league, it's free to play with an optional $3 fee ($1 Ace fund/$2 50/50 Cash CTP).

Hope to see you on Saturday!  In fact, I'll be the guy running the league on Saturday!!

Is tommorow still a good time to join the club??  I am really starting to enjoy the game and I really would like to get better. I figure the best chance at that would be to join the club.

Yes, Tuesday night is a great night to join!  Tomorrow night is at Highland Park.  You need to be joined up and signed up for league by 5:15 for a 5:30 start!  We'd love to have you join us!  And remember, our bag tag league is Sat mornings at 11...this week is at Highland and it's an optional $3 ($1 ace fund and $2 CTP).

Hope to see you at one or both soon!

ok well ill be there at 5 then!  what do i need to bring to be ready to go tommorow?

Have a total of $26 with you!  $15 for the tag and it can be as much as $11 for the round, depending on some variables which Rob can explain tomorrow night!


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