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J-Town Discgolf Club Meeting 1
9/16/09 7:30 PM
McDonalds- 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL  60431

Members in Attendance:
   Frank Grimes
   Jason Poole
   Ray Hill

1)   Create mission statement
To promote the sport of disc golf.

2)   Adopt constitution
Constitution passes unanimously. (Posted separately)

3)   Adopt bylaws
Bylaws accepted unanimously. (Posted separately)

4)   Select Board of Directors
a.   Initial Board Members
i.   President
Ray Hill

ii.   Vice President
Frank Grimes

iii.   Secretary
Dean Bingham

iv.   Treasurer
Jason Poole

v.   Member Advocate
Roy Bazan

b.   Set office dates and election time.
Board of Directors term is from June 1 to May 31 and are elected in May.  First election to take place in 2011.

5)   Sign-up/Tag Distribution form.
a.   Name, PDGA, Address, e-mail
b.   initial tag number, carabineer
c.   Money received
Sign-Up form accepted.
Possibility of adding a non-tag level of membership (to be discussed at a future meeting).

6)   PDGA Affiliate
a.   10 PDGA Members required
b.   $25
Paperwork will be completed to become an affiliate club for 2009.

7)   Rules for playing bag tags.
To be discussed at a future meeting, as issues arise.

8 )   Handicapped singles league.
To be discussed at a future meeting.

9)   Financial
a.   Bag Tags Purchased (1-120)- $189.75
i.   J-Town Discgolf Club
Funding and naming approved.  Funds loaned from Jason Poole to be reimbursed as membership payments are accepted.

b.   Quote received for 500 carabineers (300 Black, 100 Green, 100 Royal)- $225.00
Quantity to be increased to 1000 and to include additional colors.
Funding and naming approved.
Funding to be loaned by Jason Poole to be reimbursed as membership payments are accepted.

c.   Open new checking account
Ray Hill and Jason Poole are going to look into getting a tax id number in order to get a checking account in the clubs name.

10)   Club sanctioned tournament.
Approved unanimously.  Details to be discussed at a future meeting.

11)   Open Discussion
Jason Poole selected to hold the staff position of webmaster.
Frank Grimes selected as Park Liaison to the Channahon Park District.

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting
11/21/09 6:00 PM—meeting 2
McDonalds- 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL  60431

Members in Attendance:
•   Dean Bingham
•   Frank Grimes
•   Jason Poole
•   Ray Hill

1)   Financial Report
•   Club Balance: $558.06
•   Jason Poole—reimbursed for initial investment of bag tags
•   Keep gift for membership—carabineer
•   2011 membership will consist of a $15 donation to the club—includes a new bag tag and a carabineer
2)   Club Statistics
•   Number of Members
75 total—59 PDGA members
•   Number  of remaining tags
45- Will look into purchasing more tags once we’re down to 20
3)   PDGA Affiliate 2009
•   Motion to become a PDGA Affiliate-passed
4)   Schedule for future meetings
•   2nd Monday on ODD Months
•   Location for General Membership meetings- still looking for convenient places

5)   Member Feedback/Concerns
•   No concerns at this time

6)   Sanctioned Tournament
•   Ray will ask Brett for tournament availability (presented by the J-Town Disc Golf Club)
•   Contact a vendor to handle merchandise for possible tournament
•   Sanctioned club tournament—possibly during the week in July
o   2 divisions- Pro/Am

7)   Tag Challenge Day/Time/Organizer
•   Rotate officers who are organizing the challenge
o   Ask for volunteers to help organize/run the challenge
•   Saturdays at 10:00 am (follow current league schedule)
o   Ray- 1st week (1st Saturday in December—12/05)
o   Frank- 2nd week
o   Jason- 3rd week
o   Dean- 4th week
•   Personalized scorecards for Tag Challenge
8 )   Handicapped Leagues
•   Tuesdays- following summer league schedule

9)   Club vs. Club Challenges
•   Tryouts held to select players
•   Contact Fox Valley for Club Challenge
•   Come up with different formats for the Challenge

10)   Open Discussion
•   Newsletter-
o   possible “blurb” about the members and their accomplishments in the Disc Golf community
o   Course improvements
o   Upcoming events
•   Club colors have been changed to orange and blue

Motion to close the meeting- 7:45 pm

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting
1/11/10 5:30 PM—meeting 3
Panera Bread- Rt. 59 & Caton Farm Rd., Plainfield, IL  60544

Motion to bring meeting to order @ 5:33PM, seconded.

Members in attendance:
• Ray Hill
• Frank Grimes
• Jason Poole
• Dean Bingham

1) Financial Report
• $932.42
• Purchased 27 clipboards, salt, and pencils

2) Club Statistics
• 105 members, 77 are PDGA members
• More tags will be purchased for 2010 with a little more research for 2011

3) PDGA Affiliate 2009
• $25 plus $.44 for the stamp
• Jtown members are encouraged to sign-up/renew your PDGA memberships through Jtown Disc Golf Club (officers:  Ray Hill, Frank Grimes, Jason Poole, Dean Bingham, Roy Bazan) for a discount on the fee

4) Ice Bowl
• Thor and Frank Grimes are working on details
• Sponsors are always welcome
• There will be a spokesperson “On Air with Kevin”

5) Tag Challenge Day
• Successful when the weather has been nice

6) Club vs. Club Challenges
• Frank is contacting Randy

7) Q & A for Members
• Members can also ask questions or make comments to

Motion to adjourn @ 6:42PM, seconded

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 4
3/8/10, 6:00 PM
McDonald’s – 4280 W Jefferson St., Joliet, IL 60431

Motion to bring meeting to order @ 6:00 PM, seconded
Members in attendance:
•   Ray Hill
•   Jason Poole
•   Frank Grimes
•   Dean Bingham
•   Josh Knight
•   Dana Vicich
•   Randy Bruemmer
•   Tom Matesevac

1) Frank’s & Bean’s Tuesday Nights
•   Start date:  April 20, 2010, Follow the same schedule as the doubles league.
•   $5 entry fee, optional Ace ($1) & CTPs (2-$2/CTP) = $5, CTPs will be designated as Prize Fund & Club Enhancements.  The payout will be the top 30% with a minimum of $5 for last cash.  $0.50 from each entry fee will pay the hot round of the day.
•   Handling of non-rated players:  If you do not have a PDGA rating, your first 3 rounds at the handicap leagues will be free to establish your handicap.  You will only be allowed to participate in the Ace Fund, CTPs, and Bag Tags.  Another option to acquire your handicap; if a club officer is willing to play those three rounds outside of league night. After you accumulate more rounds your rating will be taken from your best 3 of your last 5 rounds.
•   Frank Grimes and Dean Bingham will be running it.
•   We have decided to stick with pen and paper for now until we progress with leagues.  Need for a computer will be addressed at a later date.
2) Discontinuum Club Challenge on 3/28/10 in Hoffman Estates
•   We need commitments from members.  We didn’t realize it landed on the last day of winter leagues.  If you do not have a lot vested in going to the last league come out and represent J-Town.  You will find information on the message board under Leagues & Tourneys.  It is a free, non-sanctioned event.  There will be three other clubs competing:  Discontinuum, Fox Valley, and Streamwood.
•   J-Town will be responsible for setting-up a few of the temp holes.  Since they have expanded to 2 courses to include us, it would be nice to show up with great numbers.  J-Town needs to bring a few extra baskets.  We are looking for some good baskets we could borrow from members.
3) Ice Bowl Review
•   Ice Bowl was a hit!  Thank you players and of course everyone that was involved.  88 players and sponsors raised $3559 & 300 lbs. of food.  All proceeds went to the Morning Star Mission.  See you next year!
4) Financials, Member Count (see attached)
5) Inner-Club Team Challenges – To be discussed at a later date
6) Free Club Member PDGA Tournament
•   Ray Hill is going to contact Brett Comincioli about setting a July 9, 2010 date for a members-only sanctioned tournament.  Details:  9:30 AM tee-off, 2 rounds (Highland, Channahon), 2 divisions (Pro/Am).  This is simply a perk for club members to accumulate points and ratings.  The Pro division will have a $10 entry fee that will all go to the Pro purse.  We are going to work on getting trophies for 1st place in each division.
7)  Addressing Lost/Stolen Bag Tags
•   $5 first instance, $15 second instance, hopefully there are no more than two.
8 ) Member Concerns/Feedback
•   Address working relationship with Mokena
•   Club working with area schools
Motion to adjourn @ 7:39 PM, seconded

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 5
05/10/10 6:00 PM
Channahon Community Park

Motion to bring meeting to order, 6:01 PM, seconded.

Members in attendance:
Ray Hill
Frank Grimes
Jason Poole
Dean Bingham

1)  Financials (see attached)
2)  Club Logo
•   Contest Rules:  Submission deadline will be 06/09/10, approximate size (1.2” x 2.5”), needs to include 2011 & J-Town Disc Golf Club.
•   Once submissions are collected, there will be a vote.
3)  Club Tournament
•   State Coordinator contacted and approved, PDGA contacted
•   Jason is looking into making a score port.
•   Possibility of making a replica hole, out of Legos, for the trophies.
4)  Member Communication
•   Looking for member input for the newsletter.

Motion to adjourn, 6:44 PM, seconded.


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