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J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting #10
3/14/11 5:00 PM
McDonalds- 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60431

Motion to bring meeting to order 5:03 PM.

Members in attendance:
* Ray Hill
* Frank Grimes
* Jason Poole
* Dean Bingham
* Dave Kociuba
* Tom Matesevac

1) Financial Report (see attached)

2) J-Town Club Invitational
* 5/30/11
* Two rounds at Highland
* Tournament Director: Jason Poole
* $10 for Pro division, 100% payout.
* Free for Amateur division
* Trophy for 1st in each division.
* $10 for non-PDGA fee applies.
* PDGA sanctioned event for 2011 J-Town members only.

3) Discontinuum Club Challenge
* Held in Rockford, 3/27/11
* Captain(s): Dean Bingham, Dave Kociuba
* Donations: J-Town membership

4) Handicap Singles League (Frank’s & Bean’s)
* Singles will follow the Doubles Best Shot schedule, except that we will start on 4/19/11.
* We are adding a third CTP that will be free, and for members only.
* Cory Clements will be contacted to see if he will be interested in doing Saturday Bag Tag Challenges.

5) Board Member Nominations
* Nomination Period: 3/14/11-4/24/11
* Voting: 4/25/11-5/9/11
* Election Day: 5/9/11
* Elected Board Members take office on 6/1/11
* Nominated and accepted at the meeting: Dean Bingham- Secretary, Jason Poole- Treasurer, Dave Kociuba- Member Advocate

6) Team Challenge Review
* Challenge went well and was well attended. The organization of the team and the
advertising to club members needs to be worked on.
* With the plan of having more organized club challenges, the board is putting forth
the following rules for all future club challenges:
   a) Club officers are the only members authorized to issue/accept club
   challenges; no matter how big/small.
   b) Board members shall nominate and vote on captain(s)
   c) Failure to follow these rules will result in the J-Town Disc Golf Club not
   recognizing the event and will provide no assistance.
   d) Anything that is associated with J-Town Disc Golf Club needs to be
   approved by the board.

7) Social Media
* J-Town has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.
* We are trying to broaden our horizons.

8 ) Open Q&A
* We are looking to add more incentives to the J-Town membership, for example, merchandise.

Motion to close, 6:38 PM.

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting
05/09/11 5:00 PM
Channahon, Community Park

Members in attendance:
        Frank Grimes
        Jason Poole
        Dean Bingham

Meeting called to order, 5:15.

1)  Financial Report:  see attached.

2) Club Vice President Position
* Nominations will end on 05/23/11.
* Voting 05/23/11-06/01/11.
* Frank Grimes was nominated and accepted.

3)  Handicap League Review
* CTP #3 (J-Town Members only) An incentive to recruit more players for leagues and the club, free for members, will be running until the end of the 1st half of the summer season; at least.

4)  Purchasing of a laptop for league business
* $700 limit, for Club Laptop (purchased with General Fund).  Voted, approved.

5)  Course Improvements
* If we accept bids for course improvements, they are not to exceed 10% over the original bid with receipts.
* Bid:  $80 for treated 6x6 purchase to make Channahon Hole #2 (Wall) look more like the top of a castle wall.

6)  Club Merchandise Purchases
* We would like to get polyester/dry-fit polos.
* Collared, short-sleeve polo
* Screen-printing/embroidered
* Blue & orange
* Possible contacts:  That Guy’s Custom Screen Printing, Gary Lewis, Deb (Riphizers t-shirts)
* Looking for a club logo that identifies with J-Town (Any J-Town Member is welcome to submit ideas).

Meeting adjourned, 6:25 PM.

J-Town Disc Golf Club, 7/11/11  Meeting #12
Channahon Community Park
Meeting called to order, 5:17 PM
Members in attendance:
Ray Hill
Frank Grimes
Jason Poole
Dean Bingham
Dave Kociuba
1)    Financial Report
•   See attached
2)    Club Invitational Recap
•   Memorial Day will be set for the future dates of the Club Invitational
3)    Club Logo
•   J-Town is looking for some ideas for a new club logo
•   Stipulations:  Something that associates with J-Town, all must be submitted by next club meeting (9/12/11), all submissions will be voted on at this meeting by club officers and club members present
4)    Club Shirts
•   Club Logo will be decided before we discuss shirts any further
5)    Vice President Position
•   There was only one nominee, therefore, Frank Grimes is the Vice President by default
6)    Handicap Leagues-Member Only CTP
•   We are beginning to get a more consistent number.
•   Hard to say if the member-only CTP is enticing more members to play.  We will continue the CTP until the end of the season.
7)    Rules for submitting projects for Club Enhancement (course projects)
•   Must give value
•   Not to exceed 10% of the original value with receipt
•   Present a timeline
•   What kind of help is needed from the club
•   No money for past projects
•   Email/contact a club officer
•   Board members will vote on approval of projects
Motion to adjourn meeting, 6:22 PM

J‐Town Disc Golf Club Meeting #13
09/12/11 5:00 PM
Channahon Community Park

Meeting called to order, 5:05 PM.

Members in attendance:
* Ray Hill
* Frank Grimes
* Jason Poole
* Dean Bingham
* Dave Kociuba

1) Financial Report (see attached)

2) Frank’s and Bean’s Trophy Talk
* Dean is contacting Evon’s Trophies and Awards, and Dale Delsasso about the 2011 trophies.
* We are going to have an annual plaque with the first place winner of the singles handicap league
from each year, aside from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place plaques that we will award each year.
* The annual plaque will be paid for by borrowing from the General Fund and will be paid back by
paying a third of the amount for the next three years.

3) Club Logo
* The club is deciding on a permanent logo.
* Voting on the logo will take place at singles handicap league on 09/27/11 @ 4:30.

4) Club Shirts
* Delayed until Club Logo is finalized.

5) Member Course Projects

6) Open Q&A
* J‐Town Ice Bowl 02/04/12, Dave Kociuba will be the TD. He will be given $100 from the Club to
pay for the sanctioning fees and insurance with the PDGA.
* J‐Town Disc Golf Club has recognized the lines of communication have been opened with
Mokena Park District, Mary Beth Windberg, for relations in the future.

Meeting adjourned, 6:15.

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting
11/14/11 5:00 PM-- Meeting #14

McDonald's on Jefferson in Shorewood.

Meeting called to order, 5:00

Members in attendance:
Frank Grimes
Jason Poole
Dean Bingham
Ray Hill 

1) Financial Report
(see attached)

2) Handicap League (recap)
* Discussed adding a cut off time for sign-ups to accommodate all the score card preparation and inputting on the laptop.

* It was voted on that the "Club Only CTP" was not effective in raising attendance and will not be offered next year. 

* Awareness that a better job has to be done advertising the fact that you do not have to be a J-Town Disc Golf Club member to participate in Handicap Leagues. 

3) J-Town logo on club merchandise
* The board went through a catalog of options for Club.  After much reasoning, the board compiled a list of what will be ordered.  Jason Poole will be placing the order and we will reevaluate sizes and colors as soon as we gather more feedback from the club.  We will make available as soon as possible all merchandise ordered.  Starting with a mix of Orange and Blue Shirts, Polos, Hooded Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, and Dry Fits with the JTown club logo.  These will be used to raise more funds for the club.     

4) Club Challenge vs. Fox Valley
* Thor Batchelor was appointed to captain the Club Challenge with Fox Valley Disc Golf Club on 11.19.11

* Thor was unable to make the meeting so details of the challenge were casually discussed as a backup plan in case things fell through with the appointed captain.

* As a backup it was decided Dave K will serve as a captain for J-Town.

5) Ice Bowl
Ice Bowl merchandise winnings from 2011 and what to do what them

* Thor has all the details from so this topic will be moved to the next meeting.  It's understood that J-Town will have access to Ice Bowl merchandise for finishing in the top 10 of all 2011 Ice Bowl totals. 

6) Open Q&A

* Frank Grimes unveiled his 2012 Ice Bowl flier that Jesse Sanz and himself put together.  Work and preparation have already begun on what promises to be a great event for the entire J-Town Community.  Donations are already being sought and accepted.  Please contact Frank Grimes for any and all contributions.

Meeting Adjourned, 6:30


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