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J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting
11/12/12 – Meeting #20
McDonald’s on Jefferson and 55

Members in Attendance:
Ray Hill
Frank Grimes
Jason Poole
Dean Bingham

Meeting called to order, 5:05 PM

1)  Financials (see attached)

2) Ice Bowl
a) Award from 2012
•   50 CFR discs
•   Motion to sell at $20 each.  Vote 4-0, Motion Passes.
•   Motion to allocate 80% of the proceeds to the Ice Bowl Charity (currently The Morning Star Mission) and 20% to the J-Town Disc Golf Club Charity Fund. Vote 4-0, Motion Passes.
b) 2013
•   2/9/13 @ Community Park, Channahon, IL.
•   Jason Poole will be TD with Ray Hill as Assistant TD.

3)  2013 Bag Tag Distribution
•   The first attempt yielded only a few players.  It could have been publicized a little more, so we will make another attempt after leagues on 11/18/12 to distribute numbers 4-20.

4)  Club Tournament Supply Rental
•   Motion to remove fee.  Vote 1-2, 1 Abstain.  Motion Fails.

5) Handicap League Awards
•   Awarded Top 5, Trophies for Top 4, Perpetual was engraved.
•   Remaining $5 from Prize/Party Fund will carry-over to next year.
•   $99 was donated to the J-Town Fest

6)  Patches
•   Ordering 300.
•   Retail price for the J-Town Disc Golf Club Patches will be set at $2

7)  Member Reward System
•   Motion to setup and use a J-Town Member Reward Program.  Vote 4-0 for Reward Program, Motion Passes
•   12/1/12 rough draft to be submitted.
•   Finalize Points/Rewards Program and begin using it on 1/1/13.

8 )  Open Q & A
•   Saturday Bag Tag Challenge, CTP 50/50:  Motion to donate funds risen up until the 2/9/13 Ice Bowl to the 2013 J-Town Disc Golf Club Ice Bowl Charity (Morning Star Mission).  Vote 3-1, Motion Passes.

Meeting adjourned, 8:06 PM

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting  #21
McDonald’s (Jefferson & 55)

Meeting called to order 5:00 PM

Members in attendance:
Ryan Fancher
Rob Gibson
Frank Grimes
Ray Hill
Dave Kociuba
Gary Lewis
Jason Poole
Kevin Schramm
Aaron Studer

1)   Financials (See Attached)

2)   Patches
•   500 ordered
•   2 ½ “
•   Retail for $2

3)   IL Disc Golf Hall of Fame
•   Ray asked for a club project to open a IL HOF in the area
•   Ray will report back with more details.

4)   Tournament J-Town Logo use
a.   Ropes at the Oaks
•   Approved
b.   Il State Championships
•   Approved
c.   Channahon Classic
•   Approved
d.   Birdie Bash
•   Approved

5)   Sanctioned Leagues
a.   Bag Tag Saturdays
•   Aaron/ Kevin stated that they are not interested in having bag tags sanctioned at this time.
•   We will revisit this topic at the March meeting.
b.   Handicap Tuesdays
•   Will be sanctioned.
•   Jason will do website and PDGA reporting.
•   Rob Gibson will run the league with the assistance of Frank Grimes.

6)   Club Invitational
•   Memorial Day 5/27/13
•   Jason Poole will TD with Aaron Studer as Assistant TD
•   Trinity Links in Lockport
•   Will be discussing the date of future invitationals at an upcoming meeting to try and avoid a conflict with the team tournament at Sandy Point.

7)   Member Rewards System
•   Add requirement that points are only to be awarded for work in the J-Town Disc Golf Club area.
•   Point system approved as listed in the program documentation (available on under the Member Reward System heading).
•   Jason will be tracking the points.

8 )   2013 Ice Bowl
•   Community Park in Channahon
•   2/9/13
•   PDGA Sanctioning/Insurance forms filed.
•   PDGA Endowment Program paperwork completed.
•   Online Pre-Registration has been set up.
•   Gary Lewis will be providing merchandise.
•   Ryan Fancher will be doing sponsor signs.
•   Ryan will be creating player pack stickers (funding provided by Frank and Ray)
•   Frank is actively seeking fund raiser helpers, donations, and general volunteers for day of help.
•   Morning Star Mission will be the charitable beneficiary.

9)   Open Q&A
•   Kevin presented the board with a great opportunity to attend a Chamber of Minooka event and do a disc golf demo/ booth help.
o   Ray and Frank offered to assist
o   2/16/13
•   Kevin also presented the board with another event taking place sometime in June that would involve Ball Golf and Disc Golf.  More details coming as the event takes shape.
•   Community Park in Channahon

Meeting Adjourned

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 22
03/11/13 5:00 PM
McDonalds- 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL  60431

Meeting called to order at 5:00

Members in attendance:
Ryan Fancher
Rob Gibson
Mason Gibson (Bday boy!)
Aaron Studer
Jason Poole
Frank Grimes
Ray Hill

1) Financials (see attached)

2) IL Hall of Fame
•   No reply to emails from Ray Hill inquiring about requirements and information to move forward.  Ray will report back when more information is made available.  We will revisit this item at the May meeting.

3) Ice Bowl (recap)
•   Frank Grimes is reporting $9332 in cash and 225 pounds of food donated to the Morning Star Mission.  Once again outdoing the previous year.  We couldn’t be more proud of all his efforts. 
•   Things to improve on: setting out the tee signs, possibly the night before may help with logistics of a long walk in the AM. 
•   Things to improve on: Registration.  The idea to make more of an assembly line registration may improve the flow, wait times, and over all organization of the whole process.  (Stations for food collection, PDGA verification, entry fee, ace/ctp fund)

4) Discontinuum Club Challenge
•   Saturday the 16th at Mokena
•   Blue Tees
•   Sell J-Town merchandise and memberships
•   Jobs were assigned for Club Challenge
     o   Merchandise: Aaron
     o   Tag sorting and registration: Frank and Jason
     o   New Membership signups: Rob and Ray
•   Club will meet by the baseball fields for a mock Tourney Central

5) Handicap Singles League
•   Season begins 4/2/13
•   Broken up into 3 seasons for PDGA reporting purposes with Months as a designators (April/May, June/July, August/September)
•   Same entry fees and optional fees as previous season
•   Fliers will be made and displayed around local courses as well as neighboring out of town courses and disc golf related shops.

6) Bag Tags
•   Aaron Studer continues to see improvement in participation
•   Overall consensus from the players was to not Sanction Saturday Tags
•   Aaron will maintain Saturday tags throughout the near future.  No end date was decided but overall feedback was positive to offer this service.  Thanks Aaron for stepping up to run this.

7) Course Projects
•   Frank Grimes would like to build a retaining wall to help with the erosion behind hole 15s short tee at Highland.
•   The runoff from rain is causing the tee to be covered in mud and Frank would like to stop it before it gets too bad. 
•   Franks will have a bid put together and approved by the board before moving forward. 

8.) Election
  a) Deadlines
•   3/1/13- 4/11/13 Nomination Period
•   4/12/13-5/13/13 Voting Period
•   Ballets to be counted and made official at the 5/13/13 board meeting
  b) Nominations
•   Jason Poole Nominates Frank Grimes for Vice President
•   Ryan Fancher Nominates Dean Bingham for Secretary
•   Aaron Studer Nominates Ray Hill for President
•   Jason Poole Nominates Jesse Saenz for Vice President
•   Rob Gibson Nominates Aaron Studer for Member Advocate,  he accepts
•   Ray Hill Nominates Jason Poole for Treasurer, he accepts

9) Open Q&A
•   Rob Gibson is appointed a staff position in Public Relations and will take over the social networking on behalf of the club.  He will administer the Facebook page and use that platform to write up J-Town Disc Golf Club Member related stories and events.  Jason Poole will get the appropriate rights set up.
•   Jason Poole with set up an events page on for J-Town Bag Tags to post schedules and results.  He will also modify the reporting spreadsheet to work with the new events page and give Aaron Studer the appropriate rights to manage the page.

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 23
05/13/13 5:00 PM
Community Park, Channahon, IL

Meeting called to order at 5:00

Members in attendance:
Rob Gibson
Frank Grimes
Ray Hill
Jason Poole
Aaron Studer

1) Financials (see attached)

2) Discontinuum Club Challenge (Recap)
Club Pro Am TotalJ-Town 17 22 39Union 14 8 22FVM 7 24 31GRABM 11 11 22Discontinuum 2 6 8Total 51 71 122• Club covered $2 per J-Town Player $78 from Club Challenge fund.

3) Handicap Singles League
• Avg 26 per week (21 Sanctioned) (39 max, 19 min)
• Ace is at $138
• Second session has been sanctioned to run from 6/4-7/30 (9 weeks)
• Motion to add a rule closing registration 15 min before start time. Vote passes 5-0
• Motion to restrict courses to Highland, Lockport, and Channahon. Vote passes 4-1

4) Bag Tags
• Avg 16 per week since 1/5/13 (20 max, 11 min)

5) J-Town Invitational
• 5/27/13 Lockport
• Sanctioning paid, course reserved, flyer and spreadsheet created.
• Ray working on paintings for trophies.

6) Course Projects
• Frank Grimes is working on a proposal for Highland #15

7) Member Reward Program
• To maximize the opportunity for members to earn points in the program, the
following changes were made:
o Now it’s only necessary to post a request for help for course cleanup 24 hours
in advance; changed from 1 week.
o An increase in points has been made for helping with running leagues.
o A decrease in points has been made for tracking of points in the Reward

8 ) Election Results
• President-Ray Hill
• Vice-President-Frank Grimes
• Secretary- Dean Bingham
• Treasurer- Jason Poole
• Member Advocate- Aaron Studer
• One member is leaving the board after 3 years of service to J-Town. Thank you to Dave Kociuba for lending his expertise and talents to the J-Town board!

9) Open Q&A

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 24
07/08/13 5:00 PM
Community Park, Channahon, IL

Meeting Called to order: 5:00

Members Present:
Aaron Studer
Ray Hill
Jason Poole
Rob Gibson
Kevin Schramm
Frank Grimes
J.D. Bly
Todd Bly
Shawn McCarthy

1) Financials (see attached)
   * $482.34 available for projects
   * $36 Added to Club Supply fund from the ROPES at the Oaks rental.  Balance $121.69
   * Members qualifying for Merchandise Discount (> 1000pts):
      Frank Grimes      12980.84
      Jason Poole              3807.12
      Aaron Studer      2469.20
      Ray Hill         1840.70
      Rob Gibson              1522.00
      Kevin Schramm      1453.20
      Jesse Saenz      1399.60
      Dean Bingham      1104.00
      Thor Batchelor      1075.00
      Patrick Johnson      1064.00

2) J-Town Invitational (Recap)
   * Thank to Kelly Murray for providing trophy paintings at no charge.
   * 24 participants
   * Report has been turned in and $48 paid to PDGA for player fees.
   * 6 Memberships Sold (4 New, 2 Renewal)
   * Rob Gibson and Aaron Studer will look into changing to a more traditional date of a weekend to hopefully attract more members to take advantage of this club perk.  They will choose 3 dates and then the board will help decide which works best for all parties.

3) Handicap Singles League
   * 1st Session Ave 27/wk (22 Sanctioned) (39 Max-Channahon Short, 19 min-Highland White)
   * 2nd Session Avg 20/wk (18 Sanctioned) (24 Max-Channahon Short, 17 min-Channahon Long)
   * Overall Avg 24.5/wk (19.5 Sanctioned)
   * Third Session has been sanctioned to run from 8/6-9/24 (8 weeks)

   a)   Sign-in time
      * Getting started on time now, haven't turned anyone away.
      * Players money must be in and signed up at least 15 minutes prior to tee off
      * Will not hold up start time for anyone and if the player is then late its either par plus 4 PDGA ruling or they can take 999 for not playing but being registered.

   b)   Courses
      * Motion called to revert back to mirroring the JTown Doubles Wednesday night schedule for the third session of PDGA sanctioning starting 8/6/13
Motion passes 7-1-1
      * New schedule will be drafted and implemented.
      * Facebook post to notify those who follow of the change.

4) Bag Tags
   * Avg 16/wk (22 max-Shorewood Short, 5 min-Channahon Long)

5) Course Projects
   * Highland 15 retention wall completed using materials donated to Trinity Links.
   * Frank Grimes requested $12 for rebar to repair stairs and bridges at Community Park.  Request granted pending receipts. 9-0-0

6) Tournament Pre-Registration
   * Tournament registration is now available through
   * Club collects $1.50 per registration towards the club supply fund.  These funds can be used by TDs to offset club supply rental fees.
   * TDs interested in using this service please contact Jason Poole for details

7) Ice Bowl Prize
      50  SuperColor Discs from Discraft
      1   Set of 50 Custom Little Flyer Bag Tags from Little Flyers   
      25   Custom Stamped Discs and 100 minis (3 inch stamp) from Gateway Disc Sports
      20   Custom Stamped Discs and 75 minis (3 inch stamp) from Gateway Disc Sports
      25   Stock stamped Discs (you choose them) and 50 stock-stamped minis from Gateway Disc Sports
      1   Gateway Back Pack Bag and 50 stock-stamped minis from Gateway Disc Sports

   * It was decided by the 9 members present to choose the option for 25 Custom Stamped Discs and 100 minis from Gateway.
   * Rob Gibson and Jason Poole will work on designs and ideas for the art work.

8 )Open Q&A
   * Ray Hill will put together a list of all courses in the area of who the course contact would be in the event members would like to inquire about running tournaments or events. 
   * Aaron Studer brought forward a membership concern about the number of points being awarded for course work.  Aaron Studer and Jason Poole will work out a more fair point factor for course work and look at other point factors to make sure points awarded are equal to the benefit added for our membership.

Meeting Adjourned 7:05


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