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J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 25
9/9/13 5:00 PM
Community Park, Channahon, IL

Meeting called to order: 5:00 PM

Members Present:
   Rob Gibson
   Frank Grimes
   Patrick Johnson
   Kristi McCarthy
   Shawn McCarthy
   Tim Murray
   Jason Poole
   Aaron Studer
   Dana Vicich

1) Financials (see attached)
   • 638.34 Available for projects
   • 14 Members qualify for merchandise discount prices. (>1000 Points)

2) Handicap Singles League
   a) Awards
      o Currently have $470.80 in Prize/Party fund.
      o Estimate $515 at the end of the season.
      o 2012 (Party $99, Prizes $300, Trophies $50.45, Perpetual $9)
          5 Spots
          4 Trophies
      o 2013 (Prizes $300, Perpetual $9, Trophies $55, Party $150+)
          5 Spots
          4 Trophies
          Motion for budget approval passes 7-0

3) Saturday Bag Tags
   • Avg 15 per week
   • CTP has raised over $300 for the 2014 Ice Bowl
   a) Sanctioning
      o 11/2-12/28 (9 Weeks)
      o Motion to sanction bag tags passes 7-0.
      o Aaron Studer will be the director; Jason Poole will handle the PDGA setup and reporting.

4) Course Projects
   • No new projects presented.

5) Ice Bowl
   a) Last Year’s Prize
      o Penguin commemorative artwork.  Design approval passes 7-0
      o Jason to inquire about a larger stamp on the disc.
      o Jason will handle conversion of artwork and submittal.
   b) 2014
      o Location: Channahon Community Park
      o Date: 2/8/14 pending park and state coordinator approval.
      o Aaron Studer will be the Tournament Director; Jason Poole will be the assistant.
      o Fundraising:  Patrick offered to help after Frank requested assistance for fundraising for the 2014 Ice Bowl.  Patrick will put out a jar to collect funds. Rob requested that Frank supply the members with a flyer that outlines more information for those who are interested in helping.

6) 2014 Bag Tags
   a) Order
      o Jason will modify existing artwork for 2014 and order tags numbered 1-199 and a replacement number 1.
      o Jason will check with the distributor about the continued availability of our current tag design and will research alternatives if necessary.
   b) Distribution
      o Tags 31-199 will be available for purchase at J-Town Fest on 10/19.
      o Tags 1-30 will be played for on Saturday 1/4 at bag tags.  Higher numbered 2014 tags can be exchanged at this event.  Please have your 2013 tags with you, as they will be used to break any ties.

7) Member Reward Program
   • Change wording of Course Cleanup to include TD or Board approved activities without prior advertising.

8) Open Q&A
   • List of course contacts (compiled by Ray Hill)
   • Patrick Johnson to start a Friday night Glow League.  He would like J-Town affiliation and J-Town assistance if people show interest in playing for tags.  Rob will assist with PR when Patrick post on the board that he is officially starting the league – to include schedule and course info.

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 26
11/11/13 5:00 PM
McDonalds- 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL  60431
Meeting called to order: 5:00 PM

Members Present:
   Dean Bingham
   Frank Grimes
   Jason Poole
   Aaron Studer

1)   Financials (see attached)
•   $682.34 Available for projects
•   17 Members qualify for merchandise discount prices. (>1000 Points)

2)   Handicap Singles League
•   2013 (Prizes $300, Perpetual $9.38, Trophies $50, Party $175)
•   $2.42 left in Prize/Party will roll over to next year’s league
•   $68 left in Ace pot will roll over to next year

3)   Mid-Season League Changes
•   No rule changes mid-season.
•   Any changes must be put on the agenda for a vote at a club meeting.
•   Motion to add League Change rules passes 4-0

4)   Saturday Bag Tags
•   Avg 15 per week
•   CTP has raised $474 for the 2014 Ice Bowl
5)   Ice Bowl
a)   2013 Prize
o   Gateway Wizzard’s to be priced at $10 (25 Available)
o   Mini’s to be prices at $2 each or $3 for a nested set. (100 Available)
o   Motion to set pricing passes 4-0.
o   All proceeds go to the Ice Bowl fund. Motion passes 3-1.

b)   2014
o   Date of 2/8/14 approved by the State Coordinator
o   Frank to get the date approved by the Channahon Park District.
o   Jason will get sanctioning, CEP, and IceBowlHQ set up.

6)   2014 Club Invitational
•   Looking at the dates of 8/9 or 7/19
•   Dellwood park if available, Lockport will be the alternate.
•   Jason Poole-TD, Frank Grimes-Assistant TD

7)   Open Q&A
•   Request for logo use for the Vibram Birdie Bash, date tba.  Motion passes 3-0

Meeting adjourned 6:17 PM.

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 27
McDonalds – 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60431
Meeting called to order:  5:00 PM

Members Present:
Dean Bingham
Frank Grimes
Ray Hill
Gary Lewis
Shawn McCarthy
Kristi McCarthy
Jason Poole
Kevin Schramm
Aaron Studer

1) Financials (see attached)

2) Tournament J-Town Logo Use
   a) Ropes at the Oaks:  Passes 8-0
   b) IL State Championships:  Passes 8-0
   c) Channahon Classic:  Passes 8-0

3) Club Invitational Date
     •   9/6/14 pending State Coordinator and park approval

4) Member Rewards
     •   No changes put forward for consideration.

a) Member of the Year Award criteria
     o   Must not be a board member
     o   The board will vote on the recipient
     o   Must be a club member
     o   A member may only win once every five years
     o   A member must have 1000 points (member rewards program) or more to be considered
     o   Points will be considered, but not necessarily the deciding factor.  For example, a member having 4000 points spread across multiple categories may be chosen over a member with 6000 points from only one area.
     o   The award will be presented at the Ice Bowl each year

5) Saturday Bag Tags
     •   Avg. 16.56 last session
     •   111 total sanctioned rounds (club net $30.50)
     •   Raised $631 as of 1/13/14 for the Ice Bowl
     •   Aaron Studer will be stepping-down as the director.  J-Town is looking for a member/members to assist with running the Saturday Bag Tags.  If the spot is not filled, it will be cancelled.
     •   Thank you, Aaron, for your dedication!

6) 2014 Ice Bowl
     •   Community Park in Channahon
     •   2/8/14
     •   PDGA sanctioning/ Insurance forms filed
     •   PDGA Endowment Program paperwork filed and approved
     •   Online pre-registration has been setup on
     •   Morning Star Mission will be the charitable beneficiary

7) Open Q&A
     •   There is an interest in scheduling workdays
     •   There is an interest in creating a newsletter, “Why Do I Want to be a J-Town Member?” or “Who is J-Town?”, highlighting what J-Town has done since inception (projects, fund-raising, and other statistical data).

Meeting adjourned, 6:20 PM

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 28
McDonalds – 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60431

Meeting called to order: 5:00 PM

Members Present:
Frank Grimes
Jason Poole

1) Financials (see attached)
   * $682.34 Available for course projects.
2) Ice Bowl (recap)
   * 66 Players in snowy conditions.
   * Total amount raised has not been finalized.

3) Handicap Singles League
   * Season begins 4/8/14
   * Broken up into 3 seasons for PDGA reporting purposes with Months as a designators
      o April/May (8 weeks)
      o June/July (9 weeks)
      o August/September (8-9 weeks)
   * Same entry fees and optional fees as previous season
   * Going back to a single ace fund
4) Club Invitational
   * 9/6/14 date approved by State Coordinator
5) Saturday Bag Tags
   * Average 12 players/week in 2014.
   * Raised $690 for the 2014 Ice Bowl
   * J-Town is looking for a member/members to assist with running the
Saturday Bag Tags. If the spot is not filled, it will be cancelled.
   * $205 remains in the Ace fund.
6) 2014 Elections
   a) Deadlines
      * 3/10/14- 4/10/14 Nomination Period
      * 4/11/14-5/12/14 Voting Period
      * Ballets to be counted and made official at the 5/12/14 board meeting
   b) Nominations
      * Jason Poole nominates Frank Grimes for Vice President. Frank accepts.
      * Jason Poole nominates Jesse Saenz for President
      * Jason Poole nominates Dean Bingham for Secretary
      * Jason Poole nominates Aaron Studer for Member Advocate
      * Jason Poole nominates Anthony Rodriguez for Member Advocate
      * Frank Grimes nominates Shawn McCarthy for Member Advocate
      * Frank Grimes nominates Jason Poole for Treasurer. Jason accepts.
      * Frank Grimes nominates Thor Batchelor for President.
7) Open Q&A
   * Proposal to use $1628 from the general fund to purchase baskets. Vote
      o Basket borrowing rules.
         * Members may borrow baskets free of charge provided they are
returned in the same condition they are received.
         * Member is responsible for the pick-up and return.
         * Event requests take priority over personal use.
         * Members will be allowed a 1 week minimum before the next
personal request is fulfilled.
   * Jason Poole presented some J-Town Disc Golf Club historical data. (attached)
   * Jason Poole presented a summary of the J-Town Member Reward Program points for 2013. (attached)
Meeting adjourned, 6:26 PM


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