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J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 6
7/12/10 5:00 PM
Channahon Community Park

Motion to bring meeting to order, seconded.  5:00 PM
Members in attendance:
Ray Hill
Frank Grimes
Jason Poole
Dean Bingham
Nate Winterstein

1)  Financials (see attached)

2)  Officer Review

•   Roy Bazan resigns from the position of Member Advocate.
•   The vote to change “unanimously” to “anonymously” in section II, B, 5, b; of the J-Town Disc Golf Club Bylaws & Operating Procedures was passed unanimously.
•   II. B. 5.  Member Advocate
a.   The Member Advocate is responsible for maintaining a positive relationship between the Board of Directors and the general membership.
b.   The Member Advocate shall talk with members to come up with member concerns and desired changes in a more informal setting than the general membership meetings.  These topics will then be presented at meetings on the member’s behalf, anonymously if desired.
•   Nominations for a new Member Advocate will be made until 8/2/10
•   8/3/10 voting will open
•   8/9/10 voting closes at J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting
•   Nominations, so far; are Tom Matesevac, Dave Kocuiba, Darrin Johnson, Nate             Winterstein, Randy Bruemmer.
3)  Club Tournament Review

•   Need to advertise more
•   Need to use it as a promotional tool to recruit more members
•   The vote to strike III, D, 3 from the J-Town Disc Golf Club Bylaws & Operating Procedures was passed unanimously.
•   The vote to replace III, D, 3 with “Any memberships sold on or after October 31st will be valid for the remainder of the current year and will extend through the following year,” was passed unanimously.
4)   Club Logo

•   Sean Cooke, Mike Kursell, Brian Schuman, and Dave Kocuiba are being contacted about submitting their drawings.  If there are any other artists that would like to submit something, please contact any of the club officers (Ray Hill, Frank Grimes, Jason Poole, Dean Bingham).
Motion to adjourn, seconded.  5:51 PM

J-Town Disc Golf Club Special Meeting
Channahon Community Park
10:22 AM

Members in attendance:
Ray Hill
Frank Grimes
Jason Poole
Dean Bingham
Sean Cooke
Mike Kursell

1) Member Advocate
•   Votes were tallied for nominees:
Randy Bruemmer  4
Darren Johnson     5
Dave Kocuiba       8
Nate Winterstein   4
•   Dave Kocuiba is the new Member Advocate for the J-Town Disc Golf Club
2) Club Logo
•   5 rough drafts were chosen from submissions.  They will be finalized by 9/5/10.  Then, they will be voted-on by the members of J-Town Disc Golf Club.  One of the designs will be chosen for the Club Logo.  The others will not be discarded and possibly used on future t-shirts, stamps, stickers, club merchandise, etc.

J‐Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 7
9/13/2010 5:00pm
Channahon Community Park
Channahon, IL
Motion to bring meeting to order, seconded. 5:15
Members in attendance:
Jason Poole
Frank Grimes
Dave Kociuba
Ray Hill
1) Financials (see attached)
2) Club Logo votes tallied:
a. 31 total member votes
b. Submission “C” was the winner with 22 votes.
i. (A‐4 votes B‐4 votes C‐22 votes and D‐1 vote)
c. For the logo being chosen, Mike Kursell will be given a membership to the 2011 J‐Town
Disc Golf Club season… Congratulations Mike!!
d. All other drawings and submissions will be saved and talked about later for J‐Town
advertising or events.
3) Introduction of Member Advocate
a. Dave Kociuba was enthusiastic to take office and is ready to contribute. He stated that
he understands his role and looks forward to helping the club advance in a positive
4) Ice Bowl 2011
a. Frank Grimes is already planning for a great tournament.
b. Would like the fund raising efforts to be more of a group action. Getting members
involved is vital to a successful outcome. The sooner we start collecting donations the
better the results.
c. The tournament will be held in the middle of February. Date TBD depending on
sanctioning agreements, etc.
5) Bag Tags for 2011
a. Now that a logo has been decided the board can order supplies for 2011.
b. Memberships for 2011 will begin to be sold after October 31, 2010.
c. The tags will remain the same size and style as 2010 with the newly voted logo being
6) Handicap League Wrap up/ Awards
a. A single “travel trophy” as well as a “keeper plaque/ trophy” will be awarded to 1st place
in the first season. The idea is that the trophy will go home with the winner for the “off
season” and or until a new winner is declared.
i. Winners names from year after year will be appended to the “traveling trophy”
b. Funding for the “travel trophy” will come out of the Club Enhancement fund that has
been collected throughout the season.
c. Second and third place trophies/ plaques will also be awarded.
d. Shopping for trophies and plaques are currently being quoted by the board.
e. All awards to be handed out in conjunction with the Doubles Picnic October 16th.
Motion to adjurn, 6:10

J‐Town Disc Golf Club Meeting #8
11/08/10 5:00 PM
Shorewood, IL

Motion to call meeting to order 5:00pm, seconded

Members in Attendance:
•   Jason Poole
•   Frank Grimes
•   Ray Hill

1) Financials (please see attached)
a.   Member Count
b.   Member Funds Saved 
c.   Member Funds Spent
d.   Future Purchases
•   $25 for the club PDGA affiliation renewal. 
•   JTown Disc Golf Ice Bowl expenses

2) Ice Bowl 2011
•   Morning  Star Mission to be the charity Jtown will once again work with.
•   Date will be February 5th, 2011 at Channahon Community Park
•   Singles 2 rounds of 18  PDGA C-tier Event
•   With the Frank and Beans team working so well Dean Bingham has been nominated to be the TD of the event.  (Frank Grimes to be co-TD and taking officials test any day now)
•   There will be a special meeting in the near future to hand out jobs and tasks for the tourney.  Please contact a board member if you have any interest in working the tourney. 
•   Frank Grimes will lead the fund raising efforts once again 

3) Club Challenge Review
•   Inspired by the success of the club challenge between Discontinuum and Fox Valley, we thought it would be nice to keep it going with Streamwood Disc Golfer’s Union
•   Jason Poole and Ray Hill will make efforts to contact a club member of Streamwood to have an official club challenge
•   Looking to do it early December if all works out for both clubs
•   Stay tuned for details as they are made available

4) Distribution of 2011 Bag Tags
•   Will take place on November 28th after leagues at Lockport
•   The number of people that show up to play for their tag number will be taken out of the first (X) that stay.  Example is 15 players show up then 1-15 will be taken out for play that day, and distributed according to scores. 
•   The rest will be sold numerically to the best of the boards ability to those that do not want to play for the lower numbers that day. 

5) Winter Projects
•   Castle Wall for Channy #2
o   Current Bid Proposal for materials being prepared by Frank Grimes

6) JTown PDGA Renewals
•   Approved to pay the PDGA $25 to remain in the Affiliation Program
•   Communicate to members that they do receive a $5 on renewal through the club

7) Addressing Member Concerns and or Member Feedback
•   Talk to Cory Clements about Tag Saturdays and where that stands. 
•   Getting the non-for-profit paperwork together
•   Establishing a checking account

J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting #9
1/10/11 5:00 PM
McDonald’s Rte. 52 & I-55
Shorewood, IL
Motion to call meeting to order 5:10 PM, seconded.
Members in attendance:
Ray Hill
Frank Grimes
Jason Poole
Dean Bingham
Dave Kocuiba
Gary Lewis
Thor Batchelor
Randy Moore, Sr.

1) Financials
* See attached
* Insurance=$50 & Sanctioning=$50 for Ice Bowl

2) Ice Bowl 2011
* Flyers-Discussed final details for Dave Kocuiba to create Ice Bowl flyer.
* Need to spread the word to get members not playing involved with helping at Ice Bowl.
* Dean Bingham will be contacting local paper to get press release.
* Some job duties have been assigned: Frank Grimes/Raffle; Sign-Up/Dean Bingham, Ray Hill, Jason Poole; J-Town, PDGA Sign-up, Scoreboard/Dave Kocuiba, Merchandise/Gary Lewis.
* There will be another meeting prior to the Ice Bowl on 1/31/11. Time and place have not been decided yet.


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