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Friday Night Lights - Glow League starting this Friday, Sept 20th at 7p

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Aces and Chains:
Schedule for this Friday (Sept. 20th) has changed:

Sept 20th: Trinity - 7:30p registration, 8p Tee off

Channahon was unable to get the special permit allowing us to be in the park after dark before Friday. We should be good to go by next Friday, Sept 27th.

Also, it's supposed to rain around 6p, so I moved tee off to 8pm. It should be dry the rest of the night. Being at Trinity, we have that option since we don't have to be out of there by 10p.

See you all there!

This sounds like fun. Can't wait for this tonight. I'll be getting there early and I'll be bringing my camera to get some shots after we are done with the round. I don't want to lug it around with me the whole time.

I was able to get a few photos last night, nothing too fancy though.  It was getting late after the round was over.  I'll be taking more photos at the next one.  I posted the photos in the gallery section

Aces and Chains:
We had a great first night, with 17 players showing up at Trinity to play Glow. The weather cooperated, no rain, and a nice fall temperature to play in all night. The round went a little long, taking over 3 hours to complete. We'll have to work on that to get out of Channahon on time.

Pro/Adv: Some early controversy. One player mistakenly threw from where his light hit the ground, not realizing that the disc didn't come with it. He found his disc and played it from there as a provisional. The PDGA rules require a one stroke penalty which he was assessed. In addition, there was a three way tie for first in Pro/Adv, with Clayton Drake, Eric Fite, and John Boyd each throwing a very respectable 52 in the dark. After the playoff, Clayton was in first place for $20, John Boyd took second for $10, and Eric walked away with third place and a couple points.

Ams: Mike Noe smoked the entire Am field with a red hot round of 52, matching the winning Pro round and taking home $25. A two way tie for second between Dan Wisemantle and Steve Rachan was decided by another playoff. They each shot a great round of 55. On the second hole, both players had nearly identical lies after their first shot. Dan's upshot put him right under the basket, while Steve's gave him a difficult putt from behind a few trees. Dan took the playoff on that hole, winning $15 for second place, While Steve got $10. Fourth place and $5 went to Luigi Noe with a nice round of 56.

Playoffs were decided with the usual 3 hole playoff followed by a CTP throw off on the 4th hole if necessary. Starting next week, playoffs will be decided by a one hole CTP throw off to save time.

For those of you that elected to have your rounds rated, the unofficial results are up at http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/107560/875769111

For this Friday's Glow event, is it going to be at Channahon or Trinity?


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