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I'm going through some things, & have some old newspapers with headlines. If you save headlines it might be of interest. Example, Ditka firing, Iraq bombing, 2005 White Sox, (0ne exception) I think 8 or nine. If you save that sort of thing, you may be interested. Actually, I kind of forgot, but the message is, if you collect that stuff, it's yours. The exception is, 2005, Chicago Tribune, BELIEVE It!!!  What a Great Year  for the White Sox Fans!!!  :)

Bring them tonight Paco and I will keep them. 


--- Quote from: Disc71 on October 02, 2013, 07:06:10 AM ---Bring them tonight Paco and I will keep them.

--- End quote ---
Jesse took them. The oldest was Aug. 1990, the tornado that swept through Plainfield. Another one was 1992, Johnny Carson bidding  his goodbye.


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