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Not lost or found, how about Stolen!!!


At Saturday morning bag tags.  Had my bag sitting next to the Coke machine at Round Barn.  Go to look for a lost disc from another player in the league and come back to find my 2 putters gone.
I've been sick all week so I did not want to play, but felt I was doing the right thing by showing up to run the league.  Nice that the good guy gets crapped on! 
So if you happen to find or see someone with a solid orange or red, white and blue V.P. med XL,  it is probably mine.  They have my pdga # on the inside rim.  They are not worth fighting over to get them back, just tell that person to rot in hell and we'll call it even!

That sucks! I know there are signs that say "your being watched by a video camera" any idea if it's true?

Aces and Chains:
I hadn't thought of that. I'm pretty sure it's true, as Eric mentioned it when we used to play there and he works for the park district. I believe he said they were up by the barn though...

I did call them.  Was told there are cameras somewhere.  They are looking into it, but I will not hold my breath.

Wow...that is the low of the low. I'm sorry that happened to you bro.


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