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Hello to all of you.  Real name is John and I am new to the game (just started in August of last year) and am wondering if there are any of you who would be willing to play a round or two with me some time to help me with form, technique, or any other helpful advice you can give.  I am a railroader and I travel to Joliet usually 2 times a week.  I usually throw Channahon since it is about 10 minutes from the hotel I stay at but have also played Highlands and West Park.  Forewarning... I am one of those who gets a lucky throw a couple times a round but other than that I have trouble with my consistency.  Weather doesn't bother me so if any of you are up for it drop me a line.  jcfowler55@gmail.com.  Hope I posted this in the right section. Thanks in advance.

Hey John,

       This is Shawn. I'm 99% sure that we ran into each other at Channahon, the day Frank was working on the putting circle around hole 13. There is a group that meets on Saturdays (This week we are at Shorewood, 11 am tee off.) that would be great for you and your son if you get a chance. There is a wide range in age and skill levels of participants.

Yep that was me.  If I am in town that day I will check it out.  I was thinking leagues were for members only otherwise I would have stayed at channahon last Saturday.  Really just wanting some help from people who know what they're doing.  At least I'm spending more time in the fairway than the timber these days!

You are correct. The tag challenges are for J-town members. Worth the cost imo, but I can bend your ear on that some other time. But there is usually a group or 2 wanting a second round. About 2 pm or so. I grabbed your email  and I'll msg you mine.


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