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For all the J-Town Disc Golf Club Members hard at work getting Dellwood Park ready, I'd like to make sure everyone gets the credit they deserve.  Any time you go out there, just post here with the date and the number of hours.   I'll monitor this thread and add your points to the Member Reward page.  This includes any work done since 1/1/14.

Nice thread idea! Kristi and I were out there for 2 hours the other day (3/31).

Got out there for 2 hours today (4-12-14).  It looks amazing so far.

4/16- 5hrs           
4/17- 4hrs 45min 
4/18- 30mins   
4/19- 2hrs 30min       
4/22 (Channahon)- 3 hrs   
4/22 (Dellwood)- 2 hrs 15 mins

Aces and Chains:
4/19 - 2 hours & 30 min.


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