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Group Order - Industrial Strength Disc Bins


I'm currently looking at ordering a large quantity of disc golf bins.  They are the same ones that I use at my IOS tournaments.  Is anybody interested in joining in with me on an order?  They run $20 per bin.  Local pickup/delivery only right now.  The thing that I love about these bins is that I've been using them since October 2009, and I haven't needed to replace a single one yet.  I'm ordering because I have a lot of discs sitting loose or in boxes or my older plastic bins that like to break.  I also know that a lot of people would be interested in something to help store your discs or transport it around.

One of these bins holds 42 drivers or 34 mids.  I didn't count how many it would hold if it was just putters - probably around 28-30.  No lids, but I have stacked them 7-8 high comfortably.

Bin dimensions are 11" wide x 10" tall x 24" long.


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