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Weekdays Disc Golf Friends Wanted


Roger T:
I am looking for disc golfers who are available to check out different courses on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the daytime hours, I first played West Park in 1983 and played a few years and just recently started playing again, so let me know when you are available and what course do you want to meet at ?  Thanks

This Tuesday I will be out at Trinity Links around 3 pm, to throw a round before handicap. Your welcome to join me.

Hi Roger -

I am usually free on those days after 1 pm.
I'd most likely be free to meet up at any of
The J-town courses!

(With the exception of this week, I am on vacation!)

Let me know!

Roger T:
Bummer Shawn, I just seen the message now, my number is 630-212-3359  Roger

Let me know when you can play also Kev,  thanks


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