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So I played at the disc golf tournament at West Park on Sunday in the Novice league.  I met up with Kevin, who was in my group, and he told me about all the leagues you guys play during the week.  I'd love to start playing with you all on the Saturday leagues. 

I see that the next one is at Trinity... can I purchase a tag off of someone this Saturday so I can join you all on a more regular basis?


Come on down! They normally have a few extra tags on saturdays.

Hey Dan -

I have one tag left, it's yours if you come out for Trinity this Saturday.  There are not many tags left, as we are winding down on our membership year!  Hope to see you on Saturday...if you don't make it I can't guarantee that tag will still be there!!



I will be there this Saturday. I know it starts at 11, but what time should we get there? Also how long does the round take?

I won't be there until around 10:40...Aaron (who runs the league) will probably be there a little earlier than that.  People start getting there around 10ish or so to warm up a bit before we get started.  Depending on the amount playing, we are usually finished up about 1:30 - 2...


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