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Kudos Jason Poole!!!

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You have to see the work he did  on #4. Awesome!!! First he had to come up with the design, then size it to fit. He then cut the letters to make a wooden template After that spacers had to be made for the right height so the router wouldn't go in too deep. The words are recessed into the wood, in case some don't what a router does.  This was time consuming. It is simply awesome!!! Nice job Jason!!!

yes you did do a fine job on that jason its a nice improvement to the plain box no offense  frankie

Jason does an amazing amount of behind-the-scenes work for the Joliet area. We’re lucky to have him as one of our own.

I wanted to say something before this but as Jesse pointed out the behind the scenes guy. This web sight is all Jason, the spread sheets he makes for handicap league, what he does with the computer for local tournaments, he is also huge in starting the J-Town disc golf club. Notice the score card board he made. The thing the score cards are put in for tournaments.  I think he took on line sewing lessons. Just a few things that I think are taken for granted. I'm glad he's with us. He's really quite a guy!

I always think of something after I post. He gave me a heads up about grass seed. I'm still unsure what' going to happen, I'll know in less than 12 hours, a meeting is scheduled at 0730.

Jason is the bomb. Quietly gets things done in a very efficient manner. Just one piece to the great puzzle of J-Town! Thanks Jason. Now get out here so I can get your tag!




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