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Wow, what a good find!

Greetings. Finding this site brought back a lot of memories. I was born in Peoria, but grew up in and around Chicago, mostly in Bolingbrook. I got my 1st Frisbee around 1970, and was hooked. Around 1975 I got Dr Stancil Johnsons Frisbee book, and soon after joined the IFA and started playing object golf. I also met two cool dudes from the other IFA (Illinois Frisbee Assn) and they informed me of the course going in at West Park. I started playing there soon after the course opened, and then Shorewood and New Lenox. Also played a couple courses on the North side, Wilmette and Libertyville I think. I reside in Florida now, but was just up there recently, and got to play the Dellwood course for the 1st time, and eat at Portillo's again, of course.

Thanks to all the good people in J-town who helped get disc golf going, and keep it going there. I've been playing DG for 40 years now, and will always consider West Park to be my home course. Dellwood was fantastic by the way, I only wish that we had it earlier!

Do you remember any of these guys from the IFA. Steve Matul and Roy Carey are still very active in the disc golf community. During The 1976 World Frisbee Championships they introduced the pole hole that we use today. Ed Headrick was there and was walking around asking players if they would like to join his new disc golf organization called the PDGA. Steve Matul was there and was the 8th person to join. You can see his signature where the highlighted area is on the poster. 

I remember when the PDGA started, and I could have had a real low #, but I opted out. I was strictly a rec player back then. I didn't join until years later (10285). That still makes me a "Legacy Member" now, lol.

I don't remember any of the old IFA peoples names. I have introduced countless people to the sport though, including Roger Smith. I moved to Ann Arbor in 1987 and met Steve Peck, Mark Ellis, Jim Kenner and Gunars and got to be a part of the sport growing up there, including Hudson Mills, Kensington etc. In 1999 I moved to Florida, and joined the Sky Pilots and SWFDGA.

I wish I got my number when I started too.
I know Roger, we have that Bolingbrook connection. He went to school with my brother. Rog also use to be a regular at our doubles league. He is a sweet big hearted guy, I wish he'd come back out and play.


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