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Overall Series Website: www.illinoisopenseries.com
Pre-Registration: http://www.paperorplasticsports.com/2015/2015ios68.html
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/824246024308240/846208765445299/
Current Registration: Saturday / Sunday

Singles - 2 rounds of at least 21-holes from concrete tees. Temp holes will be played from grass or pavement tees. Number of holes subject to change depending on weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. All divisions will play the same tees and basket locations for both rounds. 1st round will play from short tees, 2nd round from long tees.

REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN (note new times!):
7:30-8:30 AM, Players Meeting: 8:45 AM, Tee Time shortly thereafter. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch. If you do not check in by the appointed time, there is a possibility that your spot will be given up to another player!


Save $5 off the prices below when you pre-register!
Saturday Divisions (5/2/15)
MPO Open Men - $55.00
MA2 Intermediate - $35.00
MA4 Novice - $35.00

Save $5 off the prices below when you pre-register!
Sunday Divisions (5/3/15)
MPM Masters - $55.00
MPG Grandmasters - $55.00
FPO Open Women - $55.00
MA1 Advanced - $35.00
MM1 Adv Masters - $35.00
MG1 Adv Grandmasters - $35.00
MS1 Adv Sr Grandmasters - $35.00
FA1 Advanced Women - $35.00
FA2 Intermediate Women - $35.00
MA3 Recreational - $35.00
FA3 Recreational Women - $35.00
MJ1 Junior - $25.00 (trophy only)

1/2 In For Pros - $30
Trophy Only for Am's - $25

Only a week away!

IOS #61 - The Dave Pitner Memorial
May 3rd and 4th, 2014
Channahon, IL

Open, MA2(Intermediate), MA4(Novice) divisions play Saturday.
All other divisions on Sunday.

Pre-registration entry fees:
Pro Divisions - $50 (1/2 In Option - $25)
Amateur Divisions - $30 (Trophy Only Option - $20)
Junior Divisions - $20

There is a $5 fee to register on the day of the tournament, so do yourself a favor and pre-register!

Online Registration is available at http://www.paperorplasticsports.com/2014/2014ios61.html

We'll get you through just fine, no worries :)  Look forward to seeing you out there tomorrow!


Pre-Registration closes in 2 short days!  It shuts down Thursday night.  Registrations have been rolling in quickly.  The forecast is calling for a high of 71 with winds at only 5-8mph and "mostly sunny and nice" as the description.  That is so much better than what we had last year!! I'm ecstatic! 

I will be at doubles at Channahon AFTER it completes to accept pre-registrations Wednesday evening.  Feel free to say hello!

IOS #59 - The Manhattan Project
ONE DAY ONLY - Saturday, September 14th, 2013
Round Barn DGC - Manhattan, IL


Pre-registration entry fees:
Pro Divisions - $50 (1/2 In Option - $25)
Amateur Divisions - $30 (Trophy Only Option - $20)
Junior Divisions - $20

Prices will increase by $5 on the day of the tournament, so do yourself a favor and pre-register!

Online Registration can be found here (now supporting PayPal!):

New for 2013: Frequent Player Rewards program! Players that play 4 or more of our IOS events will receive a custom bag tag and all AM's will also receive $20 player packs instead of $15 player packs! Thanks for playing at the Illinois Open Series!

Equipment / Group Order - Industrial Strength Disc Bins
« on: July 19, 2013, 03:07:08 PM »
I'm currently looking at ordering a large quantity of disc golf bins.  They are the same ones that I use at my IOS tournaments.  Is anybody interested in joining in with me on an order?  They run $20 per bin.  Local pickup/delivery only right now.  The thing that I love about these bins is that I've been using them since October 2009, and I haven't needed to replace a single one yet.  I'm ordering because I have a lot of discs sitting loose or in boxes or my older plastic bins that like to break.  I also know that a lot of people would be interested in something to help store your discs or transport it around.

One of these bins holds 42 drivers or 34 mids.  I didn't count how many it would hold if it was just putters - probably around 28-30.  No lids, but I have stacked them 7-8 high comfortably.

Bin dimensions are 11" wide x 10" tall x 24" long.

Want to know when your 2nd round tee time is? Need information about when scores are posted or if there are changes with the event?  Follow @IOSdiscgolf on twitter!  Follow the feed on your phone, and you'll get all sorts of great updates, both during the tournaments and times in between.

Thanks for coming out to the Dave Pitner Memorial.  I hope you had a lot of fun.  We had beautiful weather both days.  44 people came out on Saturday, 63 on Sunday.  Hopefully you have already noticed scores are posted.  First round scores were posted within 10 minutes of all cards coming in, and 2nd round scores were posted before the awards ceremony begun both days.

Saturday Results: http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/102520
Sunday Results: http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/102521

I plan on submitting the TD Report to the PDGA tonight in order to qualify for the next ratings update in a couple of weeks (the cut off is Tuesday, 5/7)

Congratulations to Mike Musich for his Ace on Hole #3 Round 1 and Roman Korol for his Ace on Hole #8 Round 2.  Each of them took home $240.

I forgot to talk about this Sunday.  We are announcing for the IOS 2013 Series the Frequent Flyer Program!  This is an incentive program to continue to come out and support IOS events.  After you have played your 4th event in 2013 (and if you play both days at a single event you qualify for 2 plays), you will receive a custom bag tag exclusive for those IOS players.  Additionally, for each event you play after your 4th, AM's will receive a $20 player pack instead of $15.  For the Pro's - we are still looking for ideas on what additional incentive we can offer you in addition to the bag tag.  Feel free to send me ideas and suggestions.

Huge thanks to the guys that helped tear down the baskets, cones, and flags from the temp holes.  Even more props to the guys that found the 3 wingnuts that disappeared on the course from Saturday to Sunday lol.  You have eagle eyes!  Thanks to Mike Krupicka, Michael Oliver, Dag Grada, and Dan Pastore for your help either unloading or loading the van this weekend.  My body still doesn't want to unload everything from the van now that the event is over, lol.

Please make sure you make yourself aware of the new 888 rule from the PDGA.  This is similar to a DNF 999, but in the case of an 888 it's to help prevent people from tanking a round or bailing early.  Both days we had a problem where a player DNF'd but did not inform the TD.  In both instances it was a 3-some on the card.  By PDGA rule every card is to have a minimum of 3 players.  If we had known in advance, we could have redistributed some of the players to appropriate cards.  We are not going to report anyone as 888 from this weekend, although we may feel that we need to at future IOS events.  You can read more about the 888 rule here:
http://www.pdga.com/ratings-manipulation-addressed.  To guarantee a safe DNF, please inform your TD at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the upcoming round.

Finally, I need to ask for volunteers.  We need more trustworthy eyes that can keep an eye on the merch.  I bring a boat load of selection so that you can have a better choice of your player packs and prizes.  We had an incident over the weekend, and I want people to know that theft will NOT be tolerated.  If you are available on a non-playing day, assistance is greatly appreciate as well.  Please continue to leave your bags and all discs outside of the merch area (just keep them safe in your locked car), and please continue to report any suspicious behavior, thank you!

Scores were posted for today before the payouts even began!  Thanks all to those that came out.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day.  I look forward to tomorrow being even nicer!

Results: http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/102520

Course Map.  Note marsh area to the right of 19 is OB, not a high chance anyone will get into that.  Hole 4 and 6 play from Long tee both rounds. Hole 1 water OB after the 2nd foot bridge.  Water on near side of it is casual.  Pond is OB on 2 as well as creek water (bridge is in bounds). There's a small pool of water behind 15 that is OB, and there is water to the left on 16 (tough to get to) that is also OB.  Hole 20 and 21, path and over to right is OB once past the tee.

COURSE NOTES: I was out there playing the course today. It's in great shape! One major change: Because the hill around 4 is roped off and the basket bagged, there is an alternate pin location. We will play LONG TEE BOTH ROUNDS for hole 4! Hole 6 is no longer under water, but the area around the basket is still a very soupy mud. We will probably use an alternate location for 6's basket and play from the long tees both rounds. I left a flag indicating the approximate location for the replacement basket.

I left flag markers out to mark the temp baskets, but I received a report that they got mowed over :-/ Maybe there is still something out there to help people identify where to find the tees and baskets at! Otherwise we'll get it fixed up Saturday morning.

There's a good chance that this is fixed now.  I found out that Google Checkout has a newer version of their cart, and I know that upgrading this fixed what was wrong in IE9 if you weren't using compatibility mode.  I know it works fine in Chrome, and it looks happy in Firefox as well now.

Please PM me or email me if you continue to have problems!

I have added a notification on this thread to now email me anytime someone replies to this thread so that I don't miss it ;)  Wish you had PM'd me, Frank!

Sorry Frank - I didn't see the request for people to come out Saturday until just now.  It's a bummer because I probably could have made it as well.  The way Ellen worded it to me she sounded like it was park people only that would be allowed there, so I didn't follow up.  However, I will be there on Thursday to try to get things set up, check on the pavilion, etc.

I have received official word - the course is OPEN. We are ON for this weekend! Feel free to pre-register if you want to save some money on your entry fee!

Pre-Register: http://paperorplasticsports.com/2013/2013ios54.html

When I get out there I will assess if I have to close off any holes (guessing 6 is what's still underwater?) or set up an alternate basket location.

Frank - is there any other work that would still be beneficial out there?

This is the latest information that I have from the park district. We'll probably know by Monday what will happen. I'm currently investigating potential alternate locations where we might be able to move the tournament to should we be told that we can't go forward.

"A crew of people will be at the park Saturday morning to continue with the cleanup. Lots of standing water with large carp and catfish swimming around and the parks dept have seen numerous snakes!
Until the park officially opens back up, I won’t be able to tell you if the tournament can be played. The parks dept are hoping to get back to the course today or tomorrow."

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